If there's one town we think we'd like to move to, it would have to be Crown Creek! Wild and passionate men to tempt us and fierce, confident women to be friends with. There's nothing that we wouldn't love about it. Give in to Beau in Soft Wild Ache.

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Meet the Kings. They’ll warm your heart… then get it racing.

Fall in love with the wild, passionate, scandalous men, and the strong, confident women of this big family as they find lasting love in the quaint small town of Crown Creek. Each book is connected or can be read as a standalone.

I grew up a sheltered, good girl. I knew the outside world was wrong.
Living on the compound, I was hidden away from the rest of the town. And away from the temptations of books, music and men.

Especially men like Beau King.

He’s famous. A rockstar. One of the wild, scandalous King Brothers that put our small town on the map. Hidden behind the walls of the compound, I heard whispers of what he was…

Everything I’d been warned about.
Hazel eyes. Tempting voice. And a body made for sin.

I was supposed to stay away.
So I ran. But he chased me. I fell. And he caught me.
And then we kissed…

Heaven help me.

I want his mouth on mine, and his hands in forbidden places.
I want to confess the wild ache in my heart to him.

But even after I leave the cult behind, I still can’t escape. I’ve cast off its chains, but I am not free. I want a forever with Beau, but my family is in danger. I know my place. I know if I don’t return, I’ll never be forgiven.

But if falling from grace means I’ll land in Beau’s arms, then it might just be worth it.


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