Newsletter - September 2020

Back to school!

Welcome to our September ‘back to school’ newsletter. The Prism team and I have seen a more ‘back to normal’ and busier state of affairs in the hiring market, seemingly aligning with the return of children to our schools. Generally, we have seen businesses and our customers having a more definitive, albeit slightly reduced (in general terms), hiring plan for Q3 of 2020. We continue to see hiring spikes in the e-commerce, boutique financial services, medical and fintech industries.

Whilst our clients are generally continuing to hire, it must be said that there continues to be great uncertainty around the direction of where their hires will be based. We are seeing organisations continue to reduce their office space, or in some cases, close their offices entirely as they shift to home remote working.

September’s government announcements to urge, those who can, to work from home again cannot be helpful for the UK’s towns and cities and the economies that rely upon them to be full!

Prism continue to support our commercial offices and local businesses with 90% of us being back in the office since July. It is fair to say though I think, that for most industries, the work from home tendency will likely remain a much more permanent feature.

In this month’s newsletter, we take a detailed look at our ‘work from home survey’ which was completed both at the beginning and end of lockdown. The full report is available below.

Positive news this month has seen Pret’s ingenious offer of (almost) limitless monthly drinks for a £20 subscription and Uber’s (positive for most) legal win to remain in London

I hope you had a good September and I look forward to catching up with you next month.


Prism Digital Founder & Director 

WFH Survey

WFH Survey - Part 1 and 2

On the 3rd April 2020, we invited the Prism Digital client base to complete a short survey on their experiences of working from home during what was the third week of lockdown in the UK. Once restrictions had been lifted – we wanted to check how everyone was feeling about remote working three months on, so we invited people to complete part two. Here are the results…

Part 1 and 2 - Survey Results
DevOps VIP of the month

Marc Cluet

“Hi everyone, I’m Marc! I have been working in IT in one way or another for over 20 years, I started racking modems at an ISP (as most people did at the time) and progressed my career as a sysadmin working in different countries (Spain, Switzerland, US, Canada, UK) and meeting a lot of amazing people along the way. I got into DevOps back in 2009 when it was still called WebOps and I have not looked back ever since. I am a DevOps Institute Ambassador and you will find me often in SKILup days.

In 2014 I took over London DevOps with the help of Matt Saunders, Prism Digital jumped in and helped us quite quickly and we are very grateful for all the help and the fun times we are having together! 

Please feel free to join us, we’re doing monthly online events now (as we cannot do them in person right now, sadly).

I do also organise DevSecOps Days London which this year will be online and on December 4th, tickets will be available soon, hope to see you there!”

Team News

Marcus joins the property ladder!

When Marcus joined Prism in 2017 - he was asked what his goals in life were and what he wanted to achieve whilst working with us. 

His answer: to buy his very first house! 

Here he is now, outside his new pad in Dublin. A lot of hard work and dedication has made this possible... 

Congrats Marcus!


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WinOps Lite 2020

WinOps Lite - 5th November 2020

Join us at WinOps Lite 2020, for an afternoon of (virtual) talks and sharing experiences about 'DevOps in a Windows World'.

Confirmed speakers so far: 

Michael Levan - Developer Advocate at Octopus Deploy

Sarah Lean - Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

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