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We would like to advise our customers of our various options available to them in terms of having a website that is integrated with BreakerPRO.


We offer a few options, at various prices, to suit all types of customers. We have included a few examples for you to look at, for each option.


There is a monthly hosting cost of £25 per month, for all solutions. This is applicable from the start of the development, as we require to setup a new workspace on our web server which requires licenses etc.


In addition, all websites must be made secure through use of a SSL certificate. We can supply one at a cost of £50, followed by a monthly cost of £15.


If you need a domain name, you can buy one through 123 Reg.


If you are interested in any of these, please reach us on Live Chat or WhatsApp to arrange a discussion or a ticket request.

What is Ecommerce Integration?

This allows you to sell your BreakerPRO parts on your own website, rather than just on existing marketplaces such as eBay.


This will allow customers to search your available stock, and be able to buy online through your own website, rather than having to go to eBay to buy.


All stock is updated automatically and BreakerPRO will remove bought parts from other platforms such as eBay so you will not have to worry about sold parts being bought elsewhere when it is no longer available for sale.

Matchapart Based Web Portal - £995

Example - My Parts Planet

This is a more cost effective solution for our customers looking at having a website for their company to help sell their parts and exposure on Google, but do not want or are unable to commit to high development costs that occur for website bespoke development.


Our Matchapart Portal solution is a more affordable option. This would function via our own Matchapart website and use its features and fixed layout.


You have full management of the pages, content, banners, images etc using the Content Management System using your Admin Logon to maintain the website.

Example - DCAutospares

Existing Website Integration - £2500

This uses your existing website if you have one - we will build in our ecommerce platform into your web site.

Example - MT Auto Parts

Bespoke Design Website - £3500

This development is a bespoke design to your requirements and we build in our ecommence platform into your web site

Example - Volvo Saab Breakers
Example - Bob Sweeney & Autotowing

API Integration - £995

If your existing web site uses a 3rd party ecommence backend, such as Magento, WooCommence, or EKM, BreakerPRO can connect directly to this.

Example - Vaux Spares
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