This July at NomadMania, we are kick starting a campaign to promote sustainable travel and its benefits throughout our NomadMania community. 

We are excited to launch a dedicated blog section on our website focused on sustainable travel topics. Our maiden blog post entitled “Embrace Sustainable Travel: A Journey That Truly Matters” talks about what sustainable travel involves and why it is important to us.

Through sharing resources from our sustainable travel partners and the network of travel communities, we hope to help everyone understand how we can capitalise on our wanderlust and sense of adventure to leave lasting positive impacts for the communities in the places we visit, as well as enrich our own experiences.

This supports NomadMania’s mission to connect travellers, inspiring them to go beyond the ordinary and obvious through deep, meaningful and sustainable exploration.

Sustainable Travel Survey

The NomadMania Sustainable Travel Advocacy Committee has curated an interesting set of 12 travel scenario-based questions to assess your experience around various aspects within sustainable travel.

We invite you to complete the Sustainable Travel Survey before the end of July 26 (Wed) and help us gauge the thoughts of our NomadMania community.

Webinar about Sustainable Travel

On the last Saturday of the month (July 29), we are going to conduct a webinar with our NomadMania partners and supporters on sustainable travel. We will also reveal the findings from the Sustainable Travel Survey during the livestream event.

Register here if you are interested in participating.

NomadMania July Social Media Take-over

We want to feature our NomadMania members in our Facebook and Instagram stories alongside our sustainable travel theme for the month.

Feel free to share a short video reel or a short text on “What Sustainable Travel Means to You”. This is a great way for you to pay it forward and contribute something valuable to our travel community through social media.

Simply hit "REPLY" in order to send it. 

Janet Simcock Interview 

Empowering Women by Humanitarian Work

Janet Simcock is a passionate traveller with an insatiable appetite for exploration and a love for photography. Growing up during the Troubles in Belfast, Northern Ireland, family holidays to beautiful beaches and travels to Switzerland sparked an early desire to see the world.

With a deep curiosity for the unknown, an appreciation for culture and diversity, and a love for people, Janet believes that the gene for wanderlust is pre-programmed in some of us. Read the full interview here


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