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Last Chance Hotel is very fortunate in having an amazing supporter base, and our Facebook group, like waistlines at Christmas, is continually expanding. The more proactive supporters come up with all sorts of fundraising ideas; this year there has been a musical evening at St Agnes, Snowdrop Sunday at Pencarrow Gardens near Bodmin, several quiz evenings at various venues, a disco and buffet, a flash day at Shoreline Tattoo, Cornwall VW Owners Club annual jamboree, a tarot reading afternoon, many wonderful dog shows on our behalf, a sponsored silence, and just recently, a clairvoyance evening, to mention just some of them. We are ever grateful to those who find ways to raise funds for our vet bill, by far and away our biggest expense due to so many poorly animals coming into our care. As a responsible rescue, once we take an animal under our wing, that living breathing creature is given every chance of a happy life, and we will always do our utmost to protect, heal, and nurture.

As we roll towards Christmas, historically the worst time of the year for rescues up and down the country, at the end of the worst year in rescue, we need our wonderful supporters even more. If you have an idea for fundraising, please do get in touch with us. Even a coffee morning with your friends and neighbours can make a difference, you don’t have to run the London Marathon or sit in a bath of baked beans!

In this issue of the newsletter our trustee Nigel Lunt, retired vet, offers advice on how to keep your pet safe at Christmas; meet team member Sarah Higgins, and catch up with Sam at High View Farm. If you're looking for ideas for Christmas presents for dog lovers, and want to help LCH at the same time, we have the answer in a specially produced book of verse. And don't forget our Christmas Dog Show at Crofthandy on 16th December!

Our hardworking team of volunteers have been slogging away as usual, attending to animals in need, having their hearts broken, answering to daily calls of help, juggling the many facets of rescue and also trying to fit in family life and jobs. But all done with the one aim of saving precious lives. 

Because that is what Last Chance Hotel is all about.


Best Wishes to you all for a Very Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year, from team LCH!



New Arrivals

Sad circumstances can lead to a dog coming into care; maybe an owner has need of care themselves, or, as in the case of Brodie and Madge, their beloved human parent has sadly passed away. Thankfully this beautiful bonded pair now have a super foster home where their confusion from their loss has been mitigated. Marley was another urgent case who needed to find a foster home urgently through no fault of his own, and due to one of our regular fosterers coming forward for him, now has a new adoptive home. Willow and Judy, two gorgeous lurchers,  came in separately and are firmly ensconced in their new homes.

Top pic: Brodie and Madge

1st row: Marley, Judy, Willow 

These are just a few of the recent incomers. If you would like to follow their progress, and find out more about all the others, please check out our Facebook page and website lastchancehotel.org. We now have a news section on the Home page; dogs are constantly being assessed in their foster homes and information changes regularly.

It Happened to a Vet

In this occasional feature, Nigel Lunt MRCVS (retired), Trustee to LCH, offers advice from his experience as a long practicing vet at Lamorna House veterinary practice

Christmas Perils

A wonderful Christmas for all…..

Christmas for humankind is such a joyous time of year and can be for our canine and feline companions too. Unfortunately, the nature of the festive period can, on occasions, become perilous to our treasured four-legged friends.

There is so much to distract us at this time that often our supervisory care of our dogs and cats can fall below its normal level. We decorate our homes, open presents, eat and drink often leaving items in places that our pets can easily access leading to symptoms ranging from minor tummy upsets to life threatening poisonings.

Many of us are aware of the perilous challenges for our companions at Christmas but as a 2016 report by the British Veterinary Association indicated 80% of vets still see Christmas related problems during and after the festive period.

Let us look at some of these potential perils and ways that we can keep our loved companions safe at this pleasurable time of year.

The commonest cause of potential poisoning is chocolate, often left unknowingly as wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. Dogs are very clever at surreptitiously finding, opening and eating that wrapped chocolate present from a loved relation placed on the present pile. All chocolate is a potential problem but beware especially the darker chocolates! 

We all enjoy treats of the season such as nuts, grapes and raisins with no problem to ourselves but for our companions they can be toxic. Don’t forget they make up the main ingredients in mince pies, puddings and cakes so don’t leave any on that low coffee table.

Talking of festive eating some of us try to limit the calories of overindulgence with sugar free products but remember many of these contain xylitol, a toxic ‘no no’ for our companions.

Christmas trees can be quite beautiful and make wonderful climbing frames for cats. Make sure they are secure. Who wants a horizontal tree on Christmas morning! All those hanging decorations on the tree can look like toys to our cats and dogs so don’t be surprised if they try to pull them off to play with. Fairy lights can make your tree look very special, ideally use low voltage rather than mains powered ones to limit the potential for chewed wires and electrocution.

We all tend to bring the winter countryside into our homes at this time of year with decorative holly and mistletoe. The berries, whilst pretty, are again toxic causing potentially serious gastrointestinal upsets. Plants are often given as presents brightening those grey winter days for us. Unfortunately cats, especially, can ingest these plants, some of which are highly toxic like lilies. Just swallowing lily pollen can lead to kidney failure and death, so at the very least remove the lily stamens and any shed pollen to help keep your feline safe.

Enjoyment of festive celebration food is a big part of Christmas for ourselves. How many of us need the sofa after larger than usual meals? Be kind to your companions and feed them their normal diet. It may feel that you are treating them with the overly rich, fatty food that you have just enjoyed but it is highly likely that you will just give them indigestion, diarrhoea or worse.

Remember Christmas is a time for all of us to enjoy with our companions. Consider these thoughts and save yourself a worrying visit to the vets.

Merry Christmas to you all. NL



Our Christmas Auction was a huge success, raising £3333 for our vet bill. Grateful thanks to Carla Whiting for all her extremely hard work, a record number of 450 fabulous lots, which all needed sorting and delivering afterwards. Thanks also to Carla's 'little helpers', Helen Morrison and Heidi Lawrence, and to Kd of The Dog House Helston for donating so much amazing stuff for our furbabies to enjoy. To everyone who took part, either by donating something to the auction, or by bidding, we are truly grateful to you all; this fabulous result would not have been possible without you.

If you are within reach of Pets at Home Pool or Bodmin during December, do pop along and join in the Santa Paws appeal, organised by Support Adoption for Pets, a charity affiliated to PAH. All donations to the appeal are most welcome, especially as we will benefit from the end result. Our volunteers will also be there with fundraising and information stalls, on most weekends, and they would love to see you.

If you would like to help LCH with a fundraising event, please contact the team with your idea on 01209 281159 or email Louisa on louisa@lastchancehotel.org.

Thank you!


Someone is going to have a lot of fun with this fab Kong Wobbler, donated to us by an anonymous supporter via our Amazon Wishlist. Thank you so much whoever you are!

Facebook Birthdays

A huge thank you to Hannah Wilson, Natasha Ridgment and Anne Marshall who have celebrated their birthdays by asking for donations from friends via the Facebook Fundraiser initiative. These are very easy to set up and are invaluable in helping towards our huge vet bill. Many happy returns to you all, and thank you so much for thinking of LCH.

A Christmas gift for dog lovers!

Take a look at this fab Christmas stocking filler and gift for any dog lover. Available at our Hub Shop, 83 Fore Street, Redruth, PAH Pool and Bodmin most weekends up to Xmas, Petz of Wadebridge, The Dog House Helston, (from Weds 5th) and various other outlets, and also our Christmas dog show on 16th December. OR please send £4.95 plus £1.50 P&P to paypal@lastchancehotel.org  using FRIENDS AND FAMILY OPTION, citing RIR poem book and including your address.

Laugh at the antics of the Teefy Thief, and David the Cat, cry over A Promise Broken, nod with understanding at Vocal Exercises….true stories, the nature of rescue, and the quirks and perks of having a canine companion… 'Rescues in Rhyme and the Pooch Poems' has been written exclusively to raise funds for LCH, and as a tribute to all small animal rescues and their hard working volunteers, it will make a lovely gift for yourself or your dog loving friends.

148mm x 148mm, 56 pages with photos and illustrations. More info on our dedicated website page: http://www.lastchancehotel.org/rescues-in-rhyme.html

LCH lifer Stooge has taken up chicken watching.......

High View Farm Update

LCH founder Sam has at last moved onto the farm, here is her own take on the events of recent months....

Well, after over 5 years of waiting, Last Chance Hotel were offered a new home at the beginning of this year, a small rundown little farm consisting of a farmhouse, some stables and 14 wonderful acres of grazing. Our landlords, Tregothnan Estates, had to do some work on the farmhouse etc prior to us moving in. We were hoping to be in on the 1st April, but we were a little eager. We finally moved in on the weekend of 3rd November. The horses, goats, chickens and ducks were already here, our days had been filled with going from our (then) home to the farm, and back again, several times every day. This, as you can imagine, was incredibly stressful but there was nothing we could do about it, as our landlords had their work cut out modernising and repairing the old building. It seemed that every job they did was thwarted by more problems, and the roof work was put on hold as we have many house sparrows nesting there. Some had 3 lots of babies. This in turn was frustrating, but as we believe that all lives matter, there was no option. 

So now we are here, all in, the house was an empty perfect shell, needing a kitchen, bathroom, and so much more. But our priority as always, is to the animals in our care, the wildlife and the land itself. So we have been working hard sorting field shelters, fencing, and checking on the wildlife that we share this beautiful place with. We had just started to get our feet firmly planted on our land when we were hit by the high winds and rain. That cleared, sadly with some damage, especially to the goat slide; we are on the top of a hill, so our first lesson learnt. When the storms hit this recent weekend, we were prepared.. or so we thought. We had many power cuts, nothing to do with the electrics here, but because of the weather … candles purchased, spare torch batteries in the draw now. Our second lesson!

The last three weeks have been difficult to say the least, but we are learning to take our time, not to get frustrated by things we have no control over, and just gently working with our animals and nature to make the farm a place of peace and love. Hard work for all involved, but we will get there. Now we are working much more hands on with the animals, because we have the time, Bracken and Casey, our 2 ‘wild’ ponies are now coming over for their ginger nut biscuits and taking them out of our hands, - giant steps for two frightened little souls. Rosie and Roscoe have now been moved nearer to the farmhouse, we can see them out of our back window, and they are a lot happier seeing people wander by and stopping to say hello. Orinocco and Dolly now share a field, and are best buddies. The goats are getting into a routine of being stabled at night and going into their enclosure during the day; the chickens seem to be laying more eggs, and the ducks are becoming more and more friendly as the days go by. Our pooches are beginning to get into a routine, slowly but surely, they are becoming desensitised to the wonderful noises of our neighbours’ animals, and that of the wildlife in which we share a space. A slow progress, given what most of my lifers have been through in their pasts, but they are doing amazingly, I am so proud of them …. It is all happening down on the farm. We know there will be hundreds, if not thousands of lessons to be learnt here, we will take them all one at a time, and work our way through them all. We hope you will follow our updates on the farm, perhaps lend a hand one day, raise some much needed funds or just spread the word. Whatever you choose, we will be more than grateful. 

We have a Facebook page dedicated to High View Farm Sanctuary, please take a look and like and follow the page.

Meet the Team!

Team member Sarah Higgins, who runs our Sit Happens dog training classes, tells us what LCH means to her.

I have been around animals since I can remember, and after moving to Cornwall at the age of nine we were finally able to add dogs to our family. We moved to a smallholding in the countryside and had pigs, donkeys, chickens, snakes, lizards, budgies, cats, and of course, dogs. Learning how to look after these animals was a massive part of growing up so after finishing school and college, I realised it was animals that I wanted to spend my life around. So I went to Nottingham Trent University to study a degree in Animal Biology and expand my knowledge of everything animal! Whilst living on a gorgeous countryside campus at Uni I got the opportunity to do extra classes on canine science which really triggered my interest in dog training, although I didn’t realise quite how much of an impact it would have at the time!

I graduated and started volunteering with a conservation charity, but I also had a part-time job in a local boarding kennels where I got experience of different breeds and temperaments, and started to realise that training was a big problem for a lot of owners. I took a break and went travelling, then when back home whilst looking for a job I came across a small local dog rescue called Last Chance Hotel. We had two elderly dogs and were thinking about adding a younger rescue, and LCH had some gorgeous wrinkly puppies needing homes. So after filling in a pre-assessment form and having a home check I was put in contact with the fosterer and went to see the available puppies. I fell in love with the fluffy girl and adopted her. About a month later I was contacted about fostering a little yorkie pup and she came to join our family for a while until she found her forever home. This was how I found myself in rescue. I then volunteered at a couple of supermarket events, and got involved in walking some of the rescue dogs who were at a local boarding kennels.

Soon after LCH started some dog training classes at Crofthandy Village Hall specially for foster dogs and adopted rescues, and I went there to learn and help. My adopted girl has always been a pessimist and finds new things scary, so I really wanted to broaden my knowledge and skills. I became one of the regular trainers there and ended up taking over the classes, and at the same time became a failed fosterer to a naughty lurcher.  With my fabulous helpers we have been running Sit Happens Dog Training for LCH for a few years now and have been doing special reactive dog classes for a while. Plus every week we have a free puppy class for socialisation, training and troubleshooting, as getting it right when they are young is incredibly important, and a lesson a lot of us learn the hard way, myself included.

I try to continue to learn from lots of sources, and I am a certified Pro Dog Trainer via Absolute Dogs, attend their workshops and seminars, and it’s their game-based training that we mostly employ at training class. I also work at a local boarding kennels and absolutely love working with dogs both at work, through the charity and at home with my two. I know rescue is stressful but I so enjoy working with rescue dogs and the incredible team that LCH has. I can’t wait to find out what the future holds for this amazing charity.


Happy Gotcha Day!

“Gotcha Day” is the name given to the day a lucky hound first came into his or her forever home. Here are some tributes of that celebration of love


Happy gotcha day Lita, 4 years ago you came to us. Our first failed foster 💕💕 LB



3 years today Miss Tina came to me and I met u crazy people from LCH x DC



A late Gotcha day for 'sad Sam' who came to us as fosterers in October 2017. He is a very sweet boy - never steals food (unlike his friend Tim!); he knows he's always going to get his dinner now and he is extremely grateful for his lovely life. MdB



It’s been a year today since this boy came with his wobbly legs. AD


Did you Know?

We have a NEW LAST CHANCE HOTEL FACEBOOK PAGE, which aims to keep you updated with all the latest news on the dogs and much more. Please click on the link and ‘like’ our page.

We have other Facebook groups: LAST CHANCE HOTEL AUCTION runs auctions throughout the year, with loads of fab stuff up for grabs, raising vital funds for our vet bill.

Our LCH ONLINE DOG SHOW group allows you to show off your pooches from the comfort of your armchair, and also helps raise funds for our vet bill.

Our Amazon Wishlist, by which you can purchase specific goodies and have them delivered to us, is a lovely way to send a present for our animals! The link will take you straight there for a browse of all sorts of goodies from toys and chews to harnesses, coats and lovely food.

There are also ways to help raise funds for us whilst you’re shopping online, which don’t cost you a penny. Easyfundraising is a scheme whereby you can shop at many popular retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, and they will donate a small percentage (usually 1%) of your order to the charity of your choice, with no extra expense to you. Giveasyoulive is a similar scheme, with over 4000 retailers involved.

Like all charities, we depend almost entirely upon the generosity of our wonderful supporters. We have several ways in which monetary donations can be made: PayPal is easy and convenient for the many people who hold an account.

JustGiving provides another way of donating and also an opportunity for individuals to fundraise for us through sponsorship of a personal challenge. In addition, it allows us to claim back the Gift Aid part of the donation which can add vital pennies.

If neither of these methods are suitable, then we are more than happy to accept donations via direct bank transfer using the following information:

Last Chance Hotel
Sort code: 20-67-19
Account no: 73797503
(Do drop us a quick email with your details so we can say thanks!)

or cheques, if sent to our Treasurer, at the address given at the bottom of this newsletter.
Thank you from Team LCH and all the animals!

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue. 

Author unknown

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