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Newsletter 3, September 2018

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Welcome to Modasti’s third newsletter. Modasti Consulting is Arjen Jaarsma, a Public Transport Expert working in Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Risk management in public transport

Does your public transport organisation intend to introduce a risk management system to guarantee safe and continuous operations for the public? Or have you experienced flooding in your city which disrupted public transport operations? Petra van den Boorn – an all-aroundrisk management expert – and I will publish a blog next month about the benefits of a solid risk management system for Public Transport Authorities.

Projects in Kuwait, Turkey and Dubai

Modasti Consulting was involved in three parallel projects over the last months. I was hired by Transmotion, a Kuwait-based traffic and transportation consultancy, to develop a Public Transport Strategy for a new city. The final report will be published soon. For HWTC BV, I conducted a short assignment for the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai last June. The third public transport project is a World Bank project in Turkey to assist the Metropolitan Municipalities of Izmir and Kocaeli. As a sub-consultant to ITP, Modasti is part of a team of international experts in that project that will continue until the end of this year.

More detailed information about the three projects can be found here.

Public transport in Utrecht and Houten

Utrecht, the fourth city in the Netherlands, has a high public transport and cycling share. ITP, a pioneering UK consultancy, celebrated its 20th anniversary in this city and I had the opportunity to give a guided tour for around twenty of their staff. The tour went through the brand-new station of Utrecht, to the suburban area of Houten – with a perfect interface between train and cycling – and went back to Utrecht to show a new tram line to be constructed now.

Transition from diesel to electric buses

In 2016, the twelve provinces in the Netherlands have agreed to have only zero-emission buses running in 2030. This means that in 2025, but most likely around two years earlier, all new buses will be zero emission. Together with Movares, a leading Dutch consulting firm, Modasti offers services to assist governments in the transition from diesel to electric buses. Just drop me a message if you want to know more about this interesting transition!

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