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August 2020

The Writing Cave

I've been locked in! 

Walk my PD dog, coffee, writing chair, mysterious hitchhiker, lunch, chair, artwork forgery, walk the pup, chair, hunky dragon-tattooed sleevecoffee, chair... months of this unpredictable plot-routine, and now, finally, I get to announce that Lonely Eyes, my newest book, is nearly ready to break free, out into the world in September.

During Sleepin' Alone and Stay A Little Longer, I fell for Owen Strong — his cryptic past, his ability to start again and adapt through his pain. You will remember, Owen is tortured by his failure to protect his family.

Keira, who you’re about to meet, will do anything to protect what remains of hers.

These lovers are special to me.

Starting over is always difficult. Many of you know that I did just that two years ago. And I love my new story, the one I’m making for myself. ;)

I want to thank you all for coming along with me on my writing adventure. I hope you find Owen and Kiera as intriguing and inspiring as I do; it's all an exciting ride.

Be well,


Lonely Eyes 

Available in September!

Stay A Little Longer

Doctor Gage Ewing
can't risk having a relationship.

Operative IrishMist Vaughn

has learned to only depend on herself.

A one-night hook-up brings two people together, each with a dangerous history.  Can they keep each other alive when their pasts comes for revenge?

The only thing a healer and an assassin have in common is death.

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Sleepin' Alone

Hunter Lawe

is a undercover cop living with mistakes and regret.

Ruby Leigh Dupree

is a woman running from a past she can’t remember. 

Ruby holds the key to his redemption. 

But is Hunter her savior or the instrument of her death?

On Sale Now!

And Free in Kindle Unlimited, 

for a limited time.

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Other Books

in the Aspen Gold Series

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Coming Soon

in the Aspen Gold Series

This woman. Wearing frosting. And nothing else…

Cookie Lamont owns a successful cupcake shop in Spencer’s trendy tourist center. Life would be perfect if not for the escalating unwanted attention from a self-important town trustee. She has everything she needs—and a man is the last thing on her mind.

Until he walks into her shop.

Treehouse builder and TV personality Anthony Burnham returns to Spencer and finds focus building cabins for a new camp. His passion for treehouses is rekindled as a sweet, sexy new love blooms.

But the past haunts his steps and threatens his growing relationship with the alluring baker.

Other Shout Outs
Coming in November

New author: Mindy McKinley

When her grandmother's failing health threatens to leave her with no family at all, quiet literature teacher, Lula Stanley, finds herself in a tailspin, desperate to locate the father her mother tried so hard to hide.

Dominic Adams has a great job teaching High School History, a soon-to-be award-winning history manuscript, and any woman he could ever want until a chance encounter with Lula at a jazz club changes everything.

Dominic can help Lula find her father, but the truth might be better left buried. Can their love survive a secret better left untold?

M. Merin

I’ve been in and out of trouble most of my life so I should have known better.
Her curves screamed trouble, but one look in her eyes told me how innocent she was.
Even after she was taken.
Tormented by her captors.
Our paths were never meant to cross, just like the secrets of her past were not supposed to be exposed.
By some miracle, she’s returned to me and I brand her immediately.
I’ll fight for her like I've fought for everything else in this life.
With the Royal Bastards backing us up, she’s not getting away from me twice.

The Royal Bastards MC universe has Chapters across the United States, this is book 1 of the Flagstaff Chapter.

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I added some musical fun to my website.


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