Thank you.

I really appreciate how everyone has been reading my newsletters! Twice a week, with a comic book review on Tuesday and a tidbit on Thursday related to comics or comic making and other culturally interesting subjects, you've all hung in there. It's very humbling indeed. I hope to keep on delivering you more interesting content in the weeks ahead.

Yet I'm not the only one who pushes out a newsletter related to comics. I subscribe to about 20 or so myself. They're all good, and I could write a thousand words extolling them all. For brevity's sake (the weekend is almost upon us again) here's five worth checking out:

Five great newsletter authors:

George O'Connor

George is busy with several scripts for comics. He's the writer of Charlie's Spot, a very well received story about a homeless veteran who just wants to keep his 'spot' in the public square his so he can sell his paintings. George opens up his insights and gives you a good week by week accounting of his creative flow.

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James Whiting

Jim's been busy with his futuristic Science Fiction title Margo Intergalactic Trash Collector as well as many other titles in the horror/sci fi realm. He frequents many Comic Cons and always has interesting stories to tell.

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Mellisa Massey

(here's a link to her website , you could email her to ask to join the newsletter from there)

Melissa's an extremely talented writer/artist who still works in watercolors on actual paper! Her quirky style is all over her funny and insightful comic book 'The Alchemist of Aurilia.' Melissa frequently breaks down her creative process, character designs, new materials and methods, etc. She's also a huge Eurovision fan (song writing/singing contest show)!

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Mike Connell

Mike's a Canadian author of a deep north woods Werewolf/fur trading era story called 'The Bestiary: a Feral Guide to the New World' which ran on Kickstarter earlier this year. He has a very strong connection to his work and an interesting world view as well.

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Will Allred

Will's tearing it up with his very interesting Crossover Division, which has several chapters that ran on Kickstarter. Crossover asks the question what would happen if characters out of everyday stories came to life in the real world and wreaked havoc? His first book featured The Wicked Witch of the West from Oz as well as Martian crawlers from War of the Worlds! Heady stuff!

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That's all I have time for, there's a LOT of people out there who are worth checking out if you have the time. Have a great weekend!

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