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Fun for the Entire Family!

Hi friends, 

I hope that everything is going well and that you're all staying healthy and trying to make the best of this situation!

A TON of you seemed to enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages that we shared yesterday, so we are working to get some more non-holiday coloring pages up for you ASAP - I'll let you know when they're available!

Resources for All Ages:

As your children are doing school work from home, you may find these resources useful: 

  • Khan Academy - FREE educational videos and lessons for ALL ages and levels. Includes math, language, science, history, and more!
  • Teachers Pay Teachers is an incredible online source for teacher-created worksheets, lesson, and full curriculums in EVERY subject. There are many FREE worksheets and lessons available (over 670 thousand freebies as of this morning!) as well as inexpensive options to suit all of your needs. Plus, each purchase directly supports the teacher who created the materials!

Toddlers & Preschoolers:

Elementary Kids:

Tweens & Teens:

  • Learn How to Make Bath Bombs with our favorite recipe! (Note: you can omit the SLSA and Cream of Tartar from this recipe if you don't have any on-hand!)
  • There's no time like the present to start keeping a journal! This Printable Journal craft is great for kids of all ages, but teens especially might enjoy this one. 


Are you struggling with trying to work from home while the kids are home? It's a challenge, without a doubt!

For us, the easiest way to find some uninterrupted work time is while the kids are occupied with silent reading time or screen time. I generally don't advise a lot of screen time for children, but during this unique situation, screen time is bound to happen.

Using the children's screen time as adult work time is the best way to take advantage of the situation - the kids will be happy to watch a movie or play a game, and the adults can get some work time with less interruptions. I would suggest setting a designated time each day for this to happen so that everyone knows what to expect and when to expect it!

If you need some ideas for movies that the kids will enjoy, check out our list of 100 Movies for Family Movie Night!

XOXO, Heidi


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