My dear friends:
I really enjoyed doing research yesterday afternoon on the new flu virus that is getting around. I have also done some research from information coming from CDC regarding the flu viruses of previous years. After my afternoon exposure (no pun intended), I came away feeling like we don't have any threat at all, except for fear and chaos, the heartbeat and life blood of the media.

As of yesterday March 2, there have been 6 deaths in the United States. Compare this with the winter of 2017.  On September 26th of 2018 the CDC reported that 80,000 people died of flu the previous winter (2017) in the United States. (Associated Press). Yes, 8 with four zeros.  Eighty Thousand people in America died in three months...the winter of 2017 of flu, a virus.

Yesterday, the world wide data showed that over half of the patients have recovered so far with a total of 45,605 COVID-19 cases resolved.

Having a strong immune system suppresses the attack of viruses. One of the most powerful immune system protocols is the breathing protocol of Wim Hof.  Take a look at this short video. It is so very clear and to the point. Here is a link:

Another interesting way to disarm a flu virus is by using microcurrent. Dr Hulda Clark was queen of microcurrent.  She called it a 'Zapper'.  Here is how it works. Viruses use the polarity (the positive and negative aspects) of proteins to engage with receptor sites of cell membranes. Flowing a microcurrent of electrons through their field disrupts their signaling protocol and disarms them. The white blood cells clear them out. 

Our beautiful bodies are so amazing.  Cells know exactly what to do and when to do it. We don't even have to think about it.  In fact, cells perform at their highest potential when we are in love with ourselves and with life...which is a challenge at times.

A rectangular 9 volt battery has the potential to flow 3-5 milliamps of microcurrent through your body. Simply rig up two wires and two probes to the 9 volt battery and flow the current through opposite parts of your body using the probes.   Be sure to cover the probes with 2 wraps of a very wet paper towel and to move the probes every couple of minutes to avoid any irritation to the skin.

A great strategy for using this 9 volt battery or a (zapper/frequency generator) is to put the negative probe into your mouth wrapped with a wet paper towel (two wraps) and the positive probe wrapped in the same manner on any external part of your body. The electrons will flow into your mouth, into your body, and exit where you have the positive probe.

For the most part, viruses enter the body via the upper body orifices...mouth, nose and ears. However, I would still put the positive probe on and around the lower parts of my body as well starting from the pubic bone moving it every couple of minutes.

If you don't own a zapper, EarthTides or a BodyGuard, the 9 volt battery is a cheap alternative for these types of situations. Batteries do lose their charge. You can test the potential by placing both probes on your tongue. If you feel a nice buzz, they should still be good. This little 9 volt battery can also be used to kill the caries bacteria (cavities), gum infection and fungus.

If you don't want the hassle of rigging up a 9 volt battery, let me know. You get the battery. I'll get you the 9 volt battery clip, the cables and probes.

Stay in love,  keep your thoughts lofty, and you will continue to have a healthy body. This beautiful earth is our friend and will always take care of us...Always.



Christopher Cody
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