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Snippet, snippet, sniiiipeeeeet!

*scrambles in between furiously clicking on Christmas shopping links and running through edits* HELLOOOO, lovelies!

Are you settled for presents? Haven't even started? Time has long since lost all meaning, so I'm finding myself looking at the calendar and wondering where those days I had set aside for online shopping went. We just had Halloween! And Thanksgiving was only five minutes ago.

In other news! Have you heard about Shifter Central? A whole bunch of us awesomesauce authors are trying it out and inviting you, dear readers, to join us in learning the ropes. So far, it seems a little like Facebook Groups, just without all the infuriating posts from relatives that pop up with a stray click back to the newsfeed. Getting a better feel for it is my (now-late) December project, so come join me on this journey with a clicky-click right here.

Don't forget to check out the fantabulous PNR Advent Calendar! Clicky-click!

    Talk to you next week, lovelies!



    What the fluffing fluff had she been thinking?

    Oh, she knew the thoughts that had flown through her head and the offer that promptly exited her mouth. She even understood the reasoning behind them. But the reality of a six foot and however many inches firebreathing hottie sleeping not even ten feet from her wasn’t something she’d properly thought through or had time to prepare for. Every inhale was a reminder that he was there. Every exhale drove her cougar’s claws a little deeper.


    The whisper had started in the night, between one sleepless toss and another turn. The light of day had burned away whatever her cougar saw in the man; the chill of the wind had blown away the rest. Locked together in the darkness with his scent building and building until there was nothing but decadent wood smoke and hazelnuts to breathe in made her cougar want to prowl across the room and lick him from head to toe.

    Her dreams--when she finally found sleep--carried her straight into the dirtiest imaginings she could muster. Slick skin, hands stroking, being taken right to the edge again and again, only to be denied. When that final release crashed over her, she dang near jerked awake and marched over to where his soft breaths rose and fell, just to see if he matched up to his dream twin.


    Absolutely not. She wasn’t setting herself up to be hurt again. The dumb, idiot beast was simply looking for a way out of the pain and latched onto the first delicious piece of manmeat that came along.

    Mates were a bunch of garbage, anyway. Everyone wanted to believe they’d found their fated connection, but that’s all it was. A connection. Someone to spend the years with, and who might decide one day that they just aren’t feeling it anymore. Preordained, written in the threads of fate? She lived in the real world, not a fairytale.

    The worst--the absolute worst--thing about her unplanned sleepover? She really had to pee. And what further proof of her non-fairytale life did she need? The princesses were never plagued with a full bladder.

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    New from friends!
    Blackstone Ranger Scrooge: Blackstone Rangers Book 6

    Her Best Christmas Present

    Santa arrived early for J.D. McNamara and brought her the best gift of all - her own fated mate. Polar bear shifter Cameron Spenser checks off everything on her list: sexy as sin, hot as hell, and a dynamite in the sack. There’s just one little problem: he hates Christmas. But that’s not going to stop the feisty feline shifter. No siree, she’s going to pull out all the stops to bring holiday joy to her Scrooge of a mate and show him the true meaning of Christmas.

    Haunted by his Christmas Past

    Decorations? Presents? Santa and his reindeer? Bah-humbug and good riddance. That’s what Dr. Cam Spenser thinks of Christmas. The holidays were never a happy time for him and that wasn’t going to change--that is, until he meets his mate. J.D. is a breath of fresh air, the one person who was determined enough to melt his cold heart and pierce through the wall he’s built up all these years.

    However, there may not be a Christmas future for them as Cam’s real life obligations are revealed and his time in Blackstone comes to an end. Can they find a way to make their relationship work and form the mating bond or will their differences pull them apart?

    Find out by downloading this sexy holiday paranormal shifter romance now!

    Hell in a Handbasket: A Demon Romance (Sin Demons Book 2)

    See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. Sleep with no evil… If only it were that easy.

    Between being kidnapped by a psycho dragon-shifter, influenced by ancient relics, and fighting for my freedom, I’d say my hands are full. But really, my troubles have just begun.

    Cain, Dorian, and Elias are wickedly dangerous, scorching hot, and all too tempting. They’re devils in disguise. Literally.

    I don’t know why they’re collecting these relics, but it looks like I’m not the only one with secrets. Despite all the risks, I might be falling for the three of them. But there's a good chance this Hellish relationship ends up being the death of me.

    To make matters worse, there may be something more to my shadow than I originally thought. Something evil that’s set on taking over me entirely if I let it. With each passing day, I find myself falling deeper into its darkness and further under the demons’ deadly charms.

    There’s no other way around it... Things are quickly going to Hell in a handbasket.

    Read the sinful and captivating sequel to the Sin Demons Series by bestselling authors Mila Young and Harper A. Brooks! 1-click to continue this fiery demon romance today!

    Hell in a Handbasket is book two in the Sin Demons Series.

    Must Love Dragons: A Dragon Shifter Fated Mates Novel (Space Dragons Seek Mates Book 1)

    He's tall, handsome, and obviously not from around here.

    Maddie is open minded, and with a crazy mom you learn to not let the little things bother you.

    But when a tall, muscular, and obviously misguided stranger walks in she might have hit her give a crap level.

    Only he's making her question everything she knows, including the future she saw for herself and this one is so much better.

    Kal need's to stop talking though, long enough to let Maddie figure out if he's for real.

    Dragon shifters aren't real, right?

    This is the first book in an exciting series where every dragon warrior gets his own happily ever after, but not how they saw it coming. Start now!

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