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We're writing a blog post full of details about the middle bedroom makeover at the beach house that we've been working on over the last month or two, but I wanted to toss out a quick update that we did in less than fifteen minutes that I'm over the moon about (even though John had some doubts about it when I first proposed it). It involves this desk that we bought for our kids to use for drawing/crafting/writing (instead of the dining table, which had been the previous spot). I'm so excited to free up the table for eating and give them a spot to be creative. But the desk was.... I dunno. Unbalanced looking? Generally lacking much personality? It was fine, but I knew we could take it up a notch.

Everything was right about this desk (the size, price, storage in the drawers, etc) but I wasn't crazy about the asymmetrical drawers. I obviously couldn't change the drawers themselves, but I knew I could downplay the off-center hardware by changing it. 

Swapping out a furniture piece's existing hardware is one of my FAVORITE ways to customize a storebought piece - plus this time it gave me a chance to introduce another hit of brass to the room (we also have some gold frames in here along with a pretty gold mobile in the corner). The local hardware store in Cape Charles has limited options, so John was more than a little surprised when I came home with 3 of these latches instead of actual knobs or pulls (I think this is them on Amazon if you want the same ones).

But even he was a convert once we got them in place. They obviously don't actually latch anything, but they serve as beautiful chunky metal accents on this desk and you can obviously use the knobby part to pull open the drawers - so not an ounce of function was lost. Plus by installing three of them at evenly spaced increments across the front of the two drawers, the desk looks a LOT more balanced now (we just wood-puttied the exposed hardware hole that was in the middle of the left drawer and painted it to blend in - can't even see it!). I'll share some straight on shots and a lot more pics of the room soon! 

We couldn't be happier with the outcome of this room (this might sound crazy but I think it's our favorite room we have ever done - perhaps I'll steal that title back when we finish the master bathroom at home - but who really knows!). We can't wait to show you more of it. 

In other news, here's what you may have missed:

Did you catch our post about the wire vine trellis we installed on the back of our garage? We broke down every step for how we DIYed it, including the all-important planning steps. Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that our vines survive and thrive!

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This week's podcast show notes include another sneak peek of this bedroom AND the progress we've made in our master bath reno. We also share why we were convinced this room was haunted & we have a great chat with a family who gave up shopping for a year. 

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You wouldn't believe how often I get asked for the link to my favorite nail-on chair pads. But I get it! We were so annoyed by the goey stick-on kind that collected hair and dust (and always fell off) & these nail on pads have been SO MUCH BETTER! Highly recommend.

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If you missed the pics from our friend's crazy Area 51-themed Halloween party (including our alien abduction costumes), I've added them to my Instagram Story Highlights along with the photos from last year. Remember when they covered their foyer in 4000 spider webs? 

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