It's the most wonderful time of the year - and you're, no doubt, busier than ever. So here's a short and sweet message encouraging you to add one more donation appeal to your year-end plan. 

Here's why:

  • Mailboxes are overloaded with emails from businesses and charities - the chances of yours being opened and read are low. One more message absolutely can't hurt your odds of getting some attention.
  • People are in the mood to give. 'Tis the season, after all. But in order to be on the receiving end of that generosity, you've got to ask (and then ask again!). 

In fact, a report I saw earlier this month spelled out just how critical the final days of the year are to nonprofits. Take a look:

It's not too late to schedule a series of emails - or just add one more to your plan - that helps increase your year-end revenue. Be sure to write a great subject line and spell out clear reasons why a donor should give to you rather than some other organization or at all.* 

And, while you're at it, be sure your donation landing page includes additional copy that really solidifies the donor's decision to give. 

Do. not. worry. about sending too many messages - most organizations don't send enough - and stay at it until December 31st (when many orgs have already turned the calendar page to the next year).  

You can unsubscribe all you want, we're still going to love you.
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