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Time flies...

Hi ,

You know those times where you suddenly remember something and you think "Shit!!" Well, that was me last night when it dawned on me that the 15th was last week and I had not sent this e-news out! To be fair, it is school holidays, I have just changed jobs and it was my Youngest's 16th birthday - oh and Hubby and I are about to go away for a two week holiday without the kids. To say there has been a bit on my mind would be an understatement! But as they say, 'better late than never'. It is almost the same philosophy required to cope with teenagers: better a delayed positive action/outcome rather than a negative one. (Am I forgiven?)

Did you pick up on the 'I am going away for two weeks without the kids" sentence above? Not rubbing it in, but highlighting that I am leaving my three teens home alone during that period - they are old enough don't worry - but are they mature enough? That has been my freak-out thought for the last few weeks. 

We have had LOTS of discussion about roles and responsibilities and the need for them to be mature and reliable during this time. In all fairness, both Hubby and I were living independently from the ages of 17, and two out of three of our kids are older than we were, and probably far more mature! 

I suppose I need to stop calling them kids? I filled out my tax the other day and it asked how many adults live in the house: technically four! Eldest can not be on our ambulance insurance anymore! I swear that they were still needing their lunch-boxes done and their readers signed only a few years ago...yes my dear friends, time certainly does fly. 

We are (semi) confident they will be fine. It is a leap of faith and trust, but I know in my heart they will look after one another and make sure the house does not burn down. They are good ki...Adults In Training! I need to give credit where credit is due. I am hoping the daily massages I will be getting will also assist in me feeling confident they will be fine. I did increase our contents insurance...I am trusting, not stupid.

This edition of the e-news covers some pretty awesome topics and catch ups from the various platforms of Talking Teens. I hope you enjoy and as always, would love your feedback if you feel so inclined. Remember, your thoughts and experiences are extremely valuable and could be just the thing another member really needs to hear. Oops! This is a long intro. Soz! 

Cheers Jo xx


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What we've got here is Failure to Communicate

Seriously, how much easier would this whole stage of parenting be if there was clear and honest communication between us and our kids? One of the major challenges of teenagers is their unwillingness to talk to us like they use to. A part of becoming an adult is the development of dealing with things by themselves; i.e. not talking to us about stuff. The problem is, their desire to do this is not matched by their ability/maturity to. It is our role to support, nurture and guide them but they just don't want us to! 

We need to show patience and understanding, which often can be quite a challenge. Teens are, by definition, an emotive lot, and quite often what would be a calm rational conversation is not possible due to the extreme emotions raging. We have to fill our parenting tool box with an assortment of tricks and hacks. One great one for the challenge of communication is our ability to breathe. BREATHE... To breathe through long winded explanations. Breathe through equally long winded silences. And breathe when we hear things we do not necessarily like. 

Talking Teens is growing the number of resources for parents in relation to communication. The E-Course, #10Days2TeenTalk (which is really only five days and can be done over as long a period of time as you need!) opens up a variety of strategies and methods we can implement to put us in a better place to improve communication with our teens.  You can find the course here: #10Days2TeenTalk

A bonus chapter is currently being developed that focuses on "How to have a difficult conversation". If you are interested in knowing more, flick me a message. I also have a FREEBIE download that looks at the plight of the Screen-ager: Tips for healthy phone use. You can grab that here: SCREENAGERS!

Communicating with a teen can be a tough gig sometimes. BUT there are ways in which you can regain control (of your side of the conversation) and thus be in the best position to assist your teen to control their part. xx


Talking Teens Update

FB Closed Group

It is thrilling to see the numbers grow in this very special place. Not all of us need to share everything, but it is nice to know there is a safe space where we can express our concerns, failures, fears and so on without ridicule. This month we have shared some very real concerns about letting our young teens experience things, and also the heavy responsibility that is discussing suicide with our teens. 

As always, discussions were respectful and genuine and I thank you all. I especially loved the suggestions of what wisdom we would share with parents approaching the teen years.

If you are not already a member, send a request now Talking Teens Not Alone


I have spent the last few weeks trawling through Insta and it has been fun! To be honest, I have not really been that prolific in posting my own stuff, a few but not many, because I have been exploring others! I have found some great looking books to order in and hopefully, add to the Talking Teens collection. One example is a book written for teen girls by a teen therapist. Bright and positive looking with great reviews, I am keen to have a read!  Dear Teen Self

Another new favourite of mine is Breathe Magazine. Get onto their Insta but get onto their mag! GORGEOUS! Not only as a resource for you, but some really great stuff to encourage your teen to explore. So much love!


I have posted a few videos in the last few weeks, some with no make-up and to be honest, still in bed, and others with a little more 'polish' (I am dressed!) It has been great to get your feedback from these vids, thank you!

Talking Teens page has been shared by a few great bloggers, none more notable for me than my hero Pinky McKay

We have explored topics such as "what advice would you give a parent approaching the teen years?" as well as "are millennials failing at basic human interaction?" 

My favourite post, however, was the "proof siblings are the biggest assholes" - yes would be the answer!

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Talking Teens are not only on socials!

The new edition of Avery Magazine (soon to be rebranded, so excited!) will be released soon. My article for this edition explores how we support our teens through their first broken heart. To be honest it is one of my favourite articles to date. Here is a sneak peek:

   ..."The first heartbreak can be as equally heartbreaking for us as it is our teen. Use this opportunity to reinforce kindness, even towards those who hurt us. Use this as an opportunity to show positive healthy ways to deal with stress. Use this as an opportunity to show your teen that you are there for them and that they are loved. Use this to validate your teen’s feelings and show them that tomorrow is another day. But most of all, respect that their broken heart is very real for them." 

Look out for it! 

I have also been tweaking away at the Talking Teens website. I have been improving the flow of articles, adding sub-headings to make those speed readers happy, and noting where new information needs to be added. My trip away is to focus on doing this, so keep an eye on the website for changes in the next few weeks.

Another exciting announcement is .... I am going to write a book!! Of course, it won't be like any other 'normal' book. I am determined it will be informative, insightful, fun and useful! I have been exploring layouts, tones, and presentation methods and I am EXCITED!  If you have any suggestions for a title, let me know!  


And that is a wrap from me

So guys, that is a wrap from me. Once again I thank you for your time, I truly appreciate it. I have added a snippet from the first edition of Breathe Magazine called: 10 Steps to Free Your Mind (I tried finding it online but couldn't, so excuse the faintness of the image). The thing I love about these 10 steps is that it is something that can benefit us all in this crazy stage of parenting. I have these made into mantras that I keep on my phone. 

Love to you all! 


Jo xxx

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