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THE UNUSUAL MAGIC OF FORM, COLOUR & GEOMETRY Light, lines, and patterns are a staple source of inspiration for countless photographers. There are some, however, who surprise us with their inventiveness, and unique ways of seeing. The following pages feature the works of nine photographers from around the world, who include elements from objects, architectural structures, people, and sometimes even animals, to create images of a more graphical nature. For Naoya Takahashi, Tokyo and its commuters are his muse. Natalie Christensen, on the other hand, fixates on vintage cars, and relies on urban landscapes to capture sunny vistas around Santa Fe. Street photographer, David Ingraham, shrugged off a traditional approach to the genre, in order to create otherworldly photo composites. Joana P Cardozo uses blueprints of people’s homes to understand how their belongings define them, while Jakub Pasierkiewicz explores the concept of déjà vu, by making intriguing connections between unrelated photographs he has made over the years. Nuno Perestrelo combines documentary and art photography to depict abandoned factories that had once helped usher in the industrial revolution in Portugal. Like Christensen, Anil Risal Singh’s photographs are also devoid of people, and uses light that’s available to emphasise the curves and corners of architectural structures. José Luis Barcia Fernández and Ajay Salvi, both make minimalist B&W pictures around the city they reside in, but while the former attempts to capture the loneliness of living in Madrid, the latter is driven by his love for the craft, and a relentlessness to challenge the norm. Words by Suhani Lakhotia, Tanvi Dhulia, Conchita Fernandes and Nilofer Khan.

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