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October 02, 2020
DER Funding Database

Weekly In Progress Report

SciENcv Account and Format Changes
SciENcv Account and Format Changes

The new NSF 20-1 PAPPG requirements for the Biographical Sketch and Current and Pending Support formats become effective on October 5th. Want help?  DER invites you to add as a delegate on your SciENcv/NCBI account for your NSF proposals.

Delegates have the ability to view, edit, and create profiles in the original account holder’s SciENcv, as well as edit the account holder’s My Bibliography. This will allow DER to help your NSF proposals stand out even further. Click here for instruction guide. Additional info available Click here to learn more.

Engineering Research Reactivation SharePoint

The Engineering Research Reactivation all-inclusive SharePoint page has helpful reopening resources, important processes, and documents that need to be completed and approved to "return to research". Please request access if prompted. 

Important Announcement: 

Where is my "LABORATORY PLAN FOR A SAFE RETURN" in the approval process?

You can see what step of the approval process your plan is on by looking under the “Engineering Research Reactivation” folders on the SharePoint site. 

  • If the plan has been approved by the Department Chair, you can see if it has been sent to VPRI by clicking on “EGR ADR Review” > “At VPRI for Review”. If the plan is in the “At VPRI for Review” folder then it is currently being reviewed by VPRI.
  • To check to see if your plan has been completely approved by all required departments (DC, EGR Dean's Office, and VPRI), you can click on the “VPRI Final Approved Plans” folder. If your plan is in the “VPRI Final Approved Plans” folder then you approved to return to research. Monique Blackmer ( will reach out to you. 

SharePoint Page
Reminder: DER Tools to Support Faculty

While many faculty are still working remotely, DER is here with various tools to support them. DER uses video conferencing and screen sharing during the budget development process to help work with faculty as if they were still in the office and visiting physically. Contact anyone in DER to learn more. 

DER Seminar Submissions

DER is currently working on scheduling the fall DER Seminar Series. If you have an idea for a seminar please share that by email to Robert Nelsen at, or Max Gates at

RFP--National Fish & Wildlife Foundation: Southeast Michigan Resilience Fund

The National Fish & Wildlife Foundation has issued an RFP under its Southeast Michigan Resilience Fund. Grants will be awarded for projects to help increase the resilience of communities and natural resources in Southeast Michigan by reducing the impact of stormwater, improving water quality, enhancing habitat, and increasing the accessibility and usability of public green space and natural areas. Grants will be awarded in two categories: 1) expanding green stormwater infrastructure and enhancing public space and 2) improving habitat quality, connectivity and accessibility. Learn more HERE

RFP--Water Research Foundation

The Water Research Foundation has issued an RFP for a utility survey and other information collection strategies to evaluate the critical needs, tools, gaps, and opportunities for water quality monitoring at potable reuse facilities. Many new monitoring tools with increased sensitivity are in use or being developed to assess water quality in potable reuse schemes.When mature, these tools may enable utilities to improve operations and detect compounds/potential hazards with improved sensitivity and/or in a timelier manner than currently possible with existing methods. Learn more HERE

RFP--Research on Waste Management Practices

The sustainability movement has reached the business models of nearly every industry in the United States, and many companies, municipalities and states have set aggressive sustainability goals that include how waste streams are being managed. The EREF Board of Directors has set an initiative to ensure research funded reflects EREF’s long-term strategic plan to address all areas of integrated solid waste management, with a strong focus towards research that increased sustainable solid waste management practices. Learn more HERE

AACR-John and Elizabeth Leonard Family Foundation Basic Cancer Research Fellowship

The AACR-John and Elizabeth Leonard Family Foundation Basic Cancer Research Fellowship encourages and supports postdoctoral or clinical research fellows to establish a successful career path in cancer research. Research proposed for funding may be in any area of basic cancer research.

This fellowship provides a two-year grant of $120,000 to support the salary and benefits of the fellow while working on a mentored basic cancer research project. A partial amount of funds may be designated for non-personnel expenses, such as research/laboratory supplies, equipment, publication charges for manuscripts that pertain directly to the funded project, and other research expenses. Learn more HERE

The DOE Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), informally known as the “Open Solicitation” or “Open Call,” is issued annually at the beginning of each Fiscal Year (FY). It provides a vehicle for the Office of Science to solicit applications for research support in areas not covered by more specific, topical FOAs that are issued by the office over the course of the Fiscal Year.

DOE anticipates awarding approximately $250 million for new, renewal, and supplemental grants, cooperative agreements, and inter-agency agreements under this FOA in Fiscal Year 2021, subject to the availability of FY 2021 appropriated funds.

Proposed research must fall within the programmatic priorities of DOE’s Office of Science and its major program offices, including Advanced Scientific Computing Research, Basic Energy Sciences, Biological and Environmental Research, Fusion Energy Sciences, High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics, Isotope R&D and Production, and Accelerator R&D and Production.

Funding will be competitively awarded on the basis of peer review. The FOA remains open throughout the Fiscal Year.

Learn more HERE

RFP's to Aid Farmers in Crop Protection

RFP 1: Fighting pests while preserving biodiversity

  • Novel approaches and enabling technologies to produce higher-yield crops with resistance to weeds, insects and diseases
  • Halo suggested the following units could be interested: Crop Science, Agronomy, Genetics

RFP 2: Reducing chemical input and enhancing soil health

  • Novel approaches and technologies that minimize chemical inputs and protect soil health while maintaining crop yields
  • Halo suggested the following units could be interested: Agriculture, Chemical Engineering, Plant Breeding

RFP 3: Accelerating precision agriculture

  • Digital innovations for measuring agronomic performance and compliance
  • Halo suggested the following units could be interested: Agriculture, Data Science, Computer Science

DER's Proposal Volume

The chart above shows DER's Proposal Volume from 2016 to 2021 as of (10/02/2020).

Take a closer look
DER Seminars
Miss the Last Seminar? Watch it Here!

The MTRAC @ MSU seminar hosted by Joseph Affholter will provide an overview of the Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization (MTRAC) program based here at MSU. Referred to the AgBio Innovation Hub, the program provides competitive, early-stage translational research and risk assessment funding for technology-based innovations with potential to create value in the agriculture, food, fiber, bioproducts and bioprocessing (“AgBio”) industries. 

Watch the Seminar Here

DER Seminar Website

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