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Lucy's Personal Update:

All I can say is wow. The response to my last newsletter was the biggest response I've ever gotten! About 600 people all tried to access my site at the same time, and the server promptly cried and threw itself on the ground.

Thanks to everyone who sent me emails and messages telling me that my site was down (I already knew.... oh boy did I ever know), and huge and special thanks to those who persevered and got onto my site about 3 hours later! 

The Axfords corsets are now all gone to new homes, and there are only a few Vollers pieces left, but there are a lot of Rebel Madness corsets still available!

One person asked why some prices are still a little more on my site than on RM's site, and here's why:

To put it into perspective: A cheaper corset direct from RM might cost $55 USD, plus $26 international shipping fees. It would also require 2-4 weeks processing time to be made for you, plus another 2 weeks in shipping. That's $81 and up to 6 weeks waiting period.

The RM corsets in my shop are $59 (so just a touch more), plus $10 shipping within the US. So they are $69 total, and are shipped immediately so you get it within 2-3 business days, saving you both money and time.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion!

Final Sale: Rebel Madness and Vollers, most at $59
Click here to see the clearance section!
Lucy wears the Jade corset by Glamorous Corset

Vollers up to 70% off (below cost!) and Rebel Madness from just $59

It's been a year since I announced my friend's closed down shop and the last few remaining Vollers and Axfords corsets (deadstock items). Well, it's more expensive to keep storing them than it is to sell them at less than wholesale price, so we've decided to reduce these up to 70% off! (Please note that these are all final sale - no exchanges or refunds.) Demibusts, cinchers and longlines from sizes 20" through 32".

For the Rebel Madness corsets, these have been great sellers but because we can't restock these in the US, it's time to clear them out too - so they've been reduced to just $59.

Note: even if you put multiple brands in your cart, US customers will only be charged $10 flat shipping!

If you'd like to see ALL brands I carry, see the selection here.

And of course, if you would like me to recommend a style that fits you best, I have a free fitting service here too! 

Take me to the clearance sale (most items at only $59!)
What else is new?

Check out the new stuff I've done recently:

Official 2019 recap: Photoshoots! Car accidents! Proposals! Gallstones??

My first Patreon-exclusive post of 2020 is now up for your reading enjoyment.

Normally I would do the "yearly reflections" on my blog, but this year had a ton of personal and non-corset-related interesting stuff happen to me, which I don't particularly want to air on my website.

Read now on my patreon for as little as $1. Future Patreon-exclusive content later this year will be locked to the $5 tier!

Community Contributions are Enabled! (REWARDS!)

I have some 700 videos, and only 120 of them have English closed captions for the hard-of-hearing (or watching on mute).

Do you have some free time and want to earn a discount in my shop?

I've enabled Community Contributions on my Youtube channel - this means anyone can edit the Auto-generated closed captions and suggest improvements! This is entirely volunteer-based, but I want to sweeten the incentive.

(And Youtube doesn't know corset terminology very well, so I would ver much like for the CC to stop saying "courses" and "coarse at")

HOW: Click on any video that doesn't already have CC. Click the ●●● on the bottom right of the video, and click "Add translation". It will default on English since that's the detected language. When you're finished editing the closed captions, email me with a link to the video and I'll review the results, publish the CC and send you an exclusive $10 discount! And before you ask, yes... they stack. Edit 10 video closed captions and you may earn yourself a free corset!

(This discount is eligible only if the video in question doesn't already have published closed captions)

View all recent videos here
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