On December 27, 2019, Global Lithuanian Leaders are up to the celebration of 10 years on inspiring mission of connection of Lithuania-affiliated professionals worldwide and their engagement in meaningful projects with, for and in the name of Lithuania. The 10 years brought about the community of inspiring personalities with global though faithful mindset and has proven the value of connection and cooperation. 

Join the Celebration | Early Bird Registration

Join us on the big day at the break of the new decade for GLL FORUM in the morning and the Ceremony of GLOBAL LITHUANIAN AWARDS (GLA) by night! Take active part in the mission of strengthening the community of global Lithuanian professionals!  Your entry fee of early bird 150 euros will crowdfund the connection and engagement of diaspora professionals. Registration form - HERE.

Nominate Future Laureates

Share with us the names and stories of exceptional global personalities of 2019 who 

  • have international professional experience,
  • keep tight relations with Lithuania,
  • have made feasible and sustainable impact on economic, scientific, cultural development of Lithuania.

Nomination form - HERE.

GLA Laureates Keep Rocking the World!

Laureate of the very first Global Lithuanian Awards | GLA  philosopher and Columbian political leader Antanas Mockus is coming to Lithuania to present a documentary about his mother artist Nijolė Šivickas NIJOLE. His connection to the homeland is profound and very powerful. READ MORE >>

The company of laureate of GLA 2013 
Cynthia Pasky   Strategic Staffing Solutions has just been ranked No. 1 HR supplier to the top global companies that operate Shared Service Centers in the Baltics.  

Laureates of GLA 2013 in scientific innovations brothers Vizbarai have expanded the range of their technological applications and offered revolutionary solution to blood analysis. READ MORE>>

The company of Laureate of GLA 2015 in attracted investments, founder of Devbridge Aurimas Adomavičius has been leading in setting up leadership standards in their corporate culture as well as in the educational mission of teaching Lithuanian children coding and programming at their Sourcery Academy READ MORE>>

Laureate of GLA 2017 in regional impact Dovydas Kaminskas was acknowledged for his projects of Global Region of Tauragė and Free Economic Zone of Tauragė by the election to the seat of Mayor of Tauragė in the most recent elections. READ MORE>>

Laureate of GLA 2013 accordion performer Martynas Levickis keeps surprising the world with his new musical approach to well-known themes and pieces READ MORE>> 


Clubs of Global Professionals

Annual Meeting in Brussels | 14 Clubs Coming

On September 13-15, Clubs of Lithuanian Professionals will hold the 3rd annual meeting in Brussels. The participants will represent as many as 14 clubs from LA to Dubai, from London to Moscow. Wherever you happen to have your life and career, if you have been contemplating the idea to connect Lithuanian professionals for meaningful networking and cooperation with Lithuania, this meeting is the place to come for inspiration, know-how and professional connections. Read more HERE.

New Pop-up in Paris | LEO Berlin Goes Official

On October 17, by the initiative of global Lithuanian VIKTORIJA GEČYTĖ and new team of Lithuanian Embassy in France, Paris professionals will meet to measure the need for belonging to active community and set the platform for regular networking with like-minded achievers.

Also, on October 20, LEO Berlin will celebrate the official establishment of the club with honourable guests from local Lithuanian representations and Lithuanian institutions.

GLL Business Advisors

Export Club for Norway | Tomas Pujanauskas

On August 7, GLL in cooperation with Enterprise Lithuania held Export Club on E-Commerce in Norway with TOMAS PUJANAUSKAS.  The event was attended by more than 30 companies varying from IT to construction services, textiles, and food supplements, interested to hear common habits of Norwegian consumers, which, as stressed by Tomas, include a highly patriotic approach towards their language, producers, and service suppliers, trust, based on respectful recommendations as well as transparency of operations. Tomas recommended to offer high quality, socially responsible products, ensure all communication in Norwegian language (site, product descriptions, emailing, social media), stick to transparent and respectful terms and conditions of conducting business, being flexible and ready to make an extra effort.

Finally, as the leader of LPO - Lithuanian Professionals in Oslo, Tomas spoke about Lithuanian presence at Oslo Innovation Week and the program the club had lined up for the event.

Future Export Clubs | Saul Umbrasas | Jurgita Balčiūnienė

Lithuanian businessmen find the simple format of export clubs very appealing as they can directly discuss the most relevant issues with a professional from a country and sector of interest. Therefore, as many global professionals keep coming to Lithuania for business and personal visits, we have a few planned ahead:

In September, SAUL UMBRASAS from California, USA will share his insights of the subtleties and most recent developments of ICT market.

In October, JURGITA BALČIŪNIENĖ, sales and marketing professional with experience on the customer loyalty incentives in France, Germany, Italy, will talk on the most recent trends of sustainable business.

Stay tuned to GLL social media not to miss them - Facebook and Linkedin.

Search & Referral Centre at GLL

Job Opening | CityBee Head of Product

Lithuanian based car-sharing start-up CityBee is going big and is looking for some visionary and creative people to join their team in Vilnius! 
At the end of last year, CityBee announced international tender to acquire 5 000 vehicles during 2019 in addition to their current 1 000 fleet. After acquisition, CityBee will become one of the largest providers of car-sharing services in all of Europe, standing alongside giants like DriveNow which is owned by BMW. “Our team is pumped up and not going to stop until we create an innovative, convenient, community-led and greener MOBILE future,” – claims LUKAS YLA, the CEO of CityBee Solutions
We at GLL would be proud if a global Lithuanian played an active part in reaching these ambitious goals. Currently, the company is looking for a CityBee Head of Product who would create and execute a product vision. Read more and apply until September 27th HERE >>

We at GLL will continue to look for more attractive opportunities for global professionals to come home. 

Global Talents for Baltic Companies

Search & Referral Centre @ GLL successfully completed its first non-executive leadership search project with its client Modus Group. The centre continues partnership with Modus Group in search for global talents for other top positions.
Search and Referral Center links Lithuanian and Baltic companies with global expats, searching for international Board members and C-level executives.
Centre is led by two founding partners – DALIA  PETKEVIČIENĖ, co-founder of GLL with 10 years experience of building global talent network as well as creating strategies of engaging Diaspora professionals for Baltic governments, and IRMA ŽILĖNIENĖ, international HR and recruitment professional with 15 years experience of working with Baltic and CIS top talent and global companies.
"Constantly growing pool of top global Lithuanian and Baltic talent allows us to help companies find their best leaders in the companies. Our aim is to create value for both: organizations and people. We present our network members with career positions offered by modern private and public companies in Lithuania. We develop constant relationship with internationally experienced Lithuanians and those connected/affiliated to Lithuania." 

Contact for more info: Dalia (+370 698 70408, dalia@lithuanianleaders.org) or Irma (+370 600 50374  

LT Big Brother

Sailing Accelerator | From Local to Global CEO's

One of the most successful and long lasting GLL’s  mentorship programs LT Big Brother is launching a Sailing Accelerator for their mentors and supporting GLL members. In May 23-30, 2020 we will be sailing Saronic Gulf and Archipelago in Greece and talking governance, innovation, leadership, philosophy of life.   

Lithuanians can be the nation of world class future change makers (CEO’s) and we can make it real by building the best in the world diaspora mentorship program for emerging leaders. Sailing Accelerator will be the first step for further worldwide exploration and networking platform to emerge. 

If you haven't planed your next year's vacation yet, this is something really worth considering. Read more HERE.   

Summer Ending BBQ | GLL Networking

On velvet cosy night of August 27, at LT Big Brother BBQ + GLL Networking, it felt like a family reunion with joint cooking efforts, its delicious outcome, informal conversations, hugs and laughs of big and small brothers and sisters.

It is very inspiring to watch the community, globally and locally, growing and strengthening its ties with joint activities not limited to sailing and cooking.

More impressions - HERE.


GLL Patrons | Domas Dargis

DOMAS DARGIS has been a faithful supporter of GLL and devoted Board Member from the early years of the organisation. He works as a Managing Director of EIKA, one of the oldest Real Estate Development  companies in modern Lithuania, founded and developed by Dargis family.  As alumnus of Kings College of London (in Business Management) and the first club of diaspora professionals Lithuanian City of London Club | LCLC, he is a global Lithuanian himself.  

As he says, GLL is by far the most connected organisation for global Lithuanian professionals. Being a part of it, I feel that  so many doors are now open and I can reach out to anyone  of these really talented people. GLL enables great ideas to be spread and gives Lithuania and Lithuanians a real chance to make a global impact.

GLL Patrons | Jonas Bidva

JONAS BIDVA is the Vice President at GP Transco and the Head of GP Transco LT. Head-quartered in Chicago, GP Transco is an innovation driven logistics service provider with subsidiaries in Los Angeles and Vilnius. Jonas Bidva and his team have helped GP Transco LT achieve at least 30% annual growth since the start of Lithuanian operations five years ago.

In addition to that, GP Transco has initiated the cooperation with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University organising the work based learning possibilities for future transport and logistics engineers.

Read more - HERE.

Workspace in Vilnius | UMA Invites Visiting Globals

We have just extended our cooperation with UMA G9 premium class workspace in Vilnius, and are excited to invite all GLL Supporting members to work at UMA G9 while visiting Vilnius under special GLL member conditions:

  • First day pass FREE, all following day passes - 50% off.
  • First monthly access - 50% off.   

These special conditions apply to GLL Supporting members only until Dec 31, 2019. Contact us at info@lithuanianleaders.org to get your deal or consider supporting GLL activities by choosing one of GLL supporting members' packages HERE.    


Discussion @Būtent | Business Crossroads - China or USA? | September 7 4pm | Birštonas

Enterprise Lithuania will host the discussion on the pros and cons of two largest export markets - China and USA. Due to high market entry costs, exporting companies have to choose between the two. The panelists will elaborate and evoke the discussion on the criteria of the choice.

Annual Meeting of Clubs of Global Professionals | September 13-15 | Brussels

On September 13-15, the representatives of clubs of diaspora professionals will gather in Brussels for the third annual meeting. They shall be approached as platform for meaningful networking, sharing of best practices and encouraging new establishments.

Climate Change: 5 Different Perspectives to Engage | September 19 6pm | Stockholm

Join Lithuanian Professionals in Stockholm and the five speakers to what promises to be a fascinating and a thought-provoking discussion to get some answers, acquire valuable information on climate change and find ways yourself to contribute to a more sustainable society.

LT Big Brother Fail Night | September 26 6pm | Vilnius

On September 26, at 6pm, in National Martynas Mažvydas Library in Vilnius, LT Big Brother will host the stand-up night where Big Brothers and Sisters of the project will share their lessons and insights from career failures and personal disappointments.

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