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Teves 5779 Edition 29

Motzai Shabbos Segula

Recently, a friend of mine's daughter got engaged and married. After the engagement, I called her to wish Mazel Tov. She told me in the conversation that there were no suggestions for a long time and then someone mentioned this segula: Wash for melave malka, and just before benching to say a certain particular story of the Baal Shem Tov which has to do with a Shidduch. 

   My friend took this on board, and that Motzei Shabbos she washed for Melave Malka and said the story. She did this for 6 weeks, and by the 6th week her daughter was engaged! Another friend of hers called her during the engagement and she shared the Segula with her, which her friend also decided to practice. Incredibly, the second friends daughter got engaged six weeks later, on the night of the first Kallah's Chasuna! I subsequently did some research and was directed to Mrs Sheyna Browd, who's mother, Mrs. Chaya Esther Zaltzman ע"ה of Toronto, practiced and encouraged this Segula. I received the full story in an email from Sheyna Browd. Along the way, making several phone calls to verify the authenticity of this Segula, I heard many wonderful stories of people getting engaged and married when they or their parents or others began practicing it.

The story is about Reuven and Yakov, in the town of the Baal Shem Tov

One day Reuven had a dream about a treasure under the local bridge!

He awoke early, took a shovel and buckets and set out to bridge to dig for the treasure.

As he was digging, a man approached him and laughingly asked, what kind of strange activity is that? Reuven replied that he had a dream that a treasure is buried under this bridge!

Yakov cried out: "I too, had a dream that under Reuven's oven is a large treasure!"

Reuven knew it was HIS house, the man was talking about. Without delay, Reuven dropped the shovel and went home to look for the treasure under his oven!

Meanwhile, Yakov, who just a few minutes earlier made fun of Reuven digging up the bridge. decided to try his luck. He picked up the shovel where Reuven left off, and kept digging...until he hit a hard object!

He quickly cleared up space dug some more .. and low and behold.. a huge treasure chest, full of diamonds and precious stones- enough for him and his children to live a comfortable life!

Yakov secured the chest and with great joy made his way home to tell the family. After initial shock and excitement in the home, Yakov decided to take out 20% of the jewels and give to Reuven as a reward.

But Reuven was also digging under his oven... and soon hit a hard object, finding a huge chest with jewels and diamonds , enough to last his entire family for a lifetime!

Reuven right away said that he owes Yakov a reward. If not him, he would never know about the treasure.

Both Yakov and Reuven had set aside 20% to give each other as Hakaros Hatov and in a short time they met at a crossroad, hugged, explained to each other would had happened and tried to offer the other one a 20% gift. Neither of them wanted to accept and they decided to go to the Baal Shem Tov to see what to do.

As soon as they walked in to Yechidus with the Baal Shem Tov, each holding the package- the Baal Shem Tov said "Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov! Reuven, you have a son, Yakov you have a daughter. arrange a marriage between your children and use one package to pay for wedding and buy the children all their home supplies. and furniture. But before your children's wedding, you must find two orphans and arrange their wedding, and buy all their needs and furniture with the funds from the second package. The wedding of the two orphans has to take place before your children's wedding."

Is there a Shidduch Crisis?

Rabbi Manis Friedman

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