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Most mornings, I'm lovely. I wake up, take a nice shower, get dressed, meditate, and feel ready to dive into another beautiful day.

But then there are those mornings... when I've missed my alarm and there's no time for a perfect AM routine... I'm outta toothpaste, breakfast won't be happening, can't find the keys ARRRRGHHHH (almost cry). Found them! So I race out the door but by the time I get to work (late), water's spilled in my bag, ruining my favourite notebook and possibly my cell phone. Deep breath.

Have you ever had a day when everything seems to be spiraling out of control? Here's how to bounce back when life gets hairy!

#1 Have a Macguyver mindset

Rather than generating a giant snowball of frustrations, address and solve each problem as you go. No toothpaste? I'll grab some on the way. Going to be late for a meeting? Text a colleague letting them know. Accept the things you cannot change and focus your mind on creative solutions to move forward.

#2 Timeout please!

Even if you're a chatterbox like me, it's ok to take a break from socializing until you feel ready to re-engage. You don't need to justify yourself to the people around you. Politely withdrawing to reflect and stabilize may save you from making a scene or being unkind to the people around you.

#3 The art of letting go

Lost something that had sentimental value and it can't be replaced? This can be tough, but reminding ourselves that life is change, growth, and evolution makes it easier to accept the ebb and flow. Take a moment to fully appreciate what's gone and then shift your thoughts to all the blessings you have.

Always be kind,


We are living in a culture where facebook likes, bumble matches, and compliments from other people are how we feel good about ourselves. But what happens when we look at our own reflection in the mirror? What does our inner monologue say when no one is around to tell us we’re lovable? How do we handle rejection or negative comments?

Loving ourselves truly, madly, deeply, starts with acceptance and self-compassion. Underneath the layers of social conditioning and expectations, each of us is the embodiment of pure, perfect, radiant love.

At Love You on August 22, together with Michelle Villarosa and Christina Vasak, we’re going to show you that love is not only *who* you are, but it’s also your greatest gift to the world.

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