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It's Day 22 of the Tummy ATTACK Bootcamp!

It's the final week!! Six Pack ATTACK 3 for you today, alternating cardio and abs - time lock in and lean up, for one final time!

Read on to find out what you need to do today, your Tummy ATTACK recipe of the day, your GUT Health article and your Tummy ATTACK tip of the day!

Here's your Day 22 audio, CLICK HERE to listen - it's 10 minutes long!

Janey x

Don't forget, all of your content is available on the Tummy ATTACK password protected pages.

CLICK HERE for the Tummy ATTACK Welcome page (password: TA)
CLICK HERE for the Tummy ATTACK Week 4 page which contains your Day 22 videos (password: TA)

What you need to do today...

Cardio and abs is a great way to start the week and this one will really set you up for the last seven days of training! Try to push yourself more than you did last week and really work on your form, just smash it TA styleeee!

Your Tummy ATTACK Daily Article!

These two articles talk about the link between our gut health and lymphatic system. 

They are quite heavy reads, but very interesting and support yet MORE reasons to have a healthy gut!

CLICK HERE for the first article and CLICK HERE for the second one.

Your Tummy ATTACK Recipe of the Day!

This is a TA gem... Enjoy!

Detox Salad with lemon dressing!

It comes from a great feature containing the top 20 detoxing salads which I thought you'd really enjoy!

Click here
for the recipe

Your Tummy ATTACK Tip of the Day!

Push through to the very end!

Never, ever, EVER underestimate what your body can achieve in the last 7 days of a program like this, nor how great you'll feel for giving your all to week four!

Remind yourself why you signed up!

Think about how far you've come!

Focus on what you want out of this final week!

Push yourself like never before!

Enjoy the last week of the Tummy ATTACK!

Tummy picture inspiration!

Another reminder today that anyone can change their body!

It doesn't matter what your size is or what you're eating now, it matters about what you do from here on!

More tummy picture inspiration!

You just have to keep committed to what fitness level, shape, size and healthy life you want...

...and understand that even larger tummies can be completely transformed!

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