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Okay, I’m gonna tell you what’s coming up. Let you know what I’m working on. But this isn’t meant to be entertaining. It’s not going to have the acrobatics of my normal writing, because I’m working. I think when I write, and I’m trying to set everything out, to get an idea of what’s coming up in the next couple of years, to get it all out in front of me. So you’re sitting in on a workday. Get comfortable.

The Madness Wars is almost over. The book’s ready. Pre-order up. As predicted, it’ll come out April 15. So, that’s off my plate. I am looking at an October 5 deadline for the first book in the next series. The problem with this series is it is best enjoyed when threaded through another series. So, I have to consider that. I think the only way to do this is to release book one of The Burdens of Beasts trilogy October 5, 2021. Then go straight into the other trilogy, The Nation of Five, next April 15. If we bounce back and forth like this through the trilogies, and everybody is prepared to go with the flow, then they’ll be able to see the story thread that goes through all of them.

There’s a movie production company, I don’t remember what it’s called, it’s got an animation of a warrior, looks Greek-based, with a bow and arrow. And he’s firing through a line of weapons, I think they’re axes, that all have holes in the heads. The arrow travels through all the holes seamlessly. That’s pretty much how this is laid out.

In order to do this properly, I have to take on an unorthodox editing schedule. I think what I’m gonna do is edit them in the order they’ll come out, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3. But I gotta do them fast. I gotta do them all at the same time. Because if I let any time pass between the editing of these books, my fear is I might lose focus on the thread. So, I’m gonna dedicate myself to… I think the best way to do this would be... marathon editing sessions. Fifteen-hour shifts, one book a night. They’re short books, little over 200 pages. If I go on a spree, I could have all six books done in a month. If I can manage that, then I’ll be done with the edits of the six books and I can concentrate on writing new material, knowing that all the books I’m going to publish for the next three years are already in the chamber.

It sounds like a plan. I’ll run it by Bekah. See what she thinks. But I already know her answer. She’ll say something like, “Do it however you want to. You’re in charge. I follow your lead. You’re the best.” Something like that.

YouTube Channel

Started a YouTube channel called Voices from an Unreal World. It’s based around my office. I’m going for kind of casual. I want the viewer to feel as though they’re sitting with me in my very cool office. So look for posts every Friday. I’ll put links to the most recent video below.

The Silent War of the Sour Eye

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