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Welcome to Southwind Inspirations

Inspiring Today's Quilters with Dimensional Curves

I feel blessed to be able to share my quilting journey with all of you.
I would like to  enrich your quilting experience with new, innovative ideas!

dark background bonus block
Bali Bloom Mystery Block X

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Working on the Mystery BOM

news from my studio

Preparations for the Bali Blooms Mystery BOM are in full swing.  I am creating more graphs and videos for this little quilting adventure and have recorded how to finish the Bali Blooms X.  I use my X Block to demonstrate the technique without revealing any of the mystery blocks. 

Check out a shorter snip of the Quilt Snacks video from last Wednesday below to see my top-stitching tips and tricks.

This video is a great resource for everyone - not just for Mystery participants.

This video along with several others is also uploaded to my YouTube channel Southwind Quilts.

I think you will like the Bali Blooms Mystery BOM, as it will provide a quilting adventure with a little mystery to look forward to each month. 
You can find more information on the Bali Blooms Mystery Block of the Month below!

I have also been working on some more quilt patterns  Maybe you can guess what the patterns are about.

Let's keep connected online, on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 
Lets quilt together!

Happy Quilting,


Bali Blooms Mystery Block of the Month

Stuck at Home? - Let's have a quilting adventure together!

Early Bird is still available until 17 September 2020

Here is how it works
  • When:   1 October 2020
  • Where:  Right in your inbox
  • What:     12 Mystery Blocks
  • all different
  • all original and fun
  • delivered directly to your inbox. 
  • How:  Watch the Video on the right!
Two ways to participate:

There are two ways to sign up and participate:

Bali Blooms Mystery Complete
Bali Blooms Mystery by the Month

Bali Blooms Mystery BOM Facebook Group available for Bali Complete

Bali Blooms Mystery Complete
Bali Blooms Mystery by the Month
See how to pick fabrics and learn to make a free block
Fabrics + Free Block for the Mystery BOM

This video will help you choose fabrics and show you how to make the free bonus block. 


I am starting a Mystery Newsletter, the link is below. 

Mystery Newsletter
See how to top-stitch the free block
Top-stitching Tutorial: Mystery Block X

Not just for the Mystery:

Check out this video to see tips and tricks for top-stitching the curves.


Bali Blooms Mystery suggested Fabrics

Same Mystery, different Backgrounds

Start with your favorite background

Here is an example with three light backgrounds
Example of Fabrics on a Light Background

Different backgrounds, for setting triangles, block background, and sashing.

Different fabrics for medium, accent, light, medium, and bright fabrics. - Definitely personal preference, but bright will pop and make your quilt shine.

Use the darkest fabric as accent.  You won't need much.

Here is an example with one dark background
Example of Fabrics on a Dark Background

One common dark background;  for setting triangles, block background and sashing.

Different fabrics for light, accent, light, medium, and bright fabrics. - Remember light and bright will pop on the dark background!

Use the lightest fabric as an accent.

Accent fabric is only used sparingly in 3 blocks.

Whats Next?

- can you guess -

A snippet of a new design
Any guesses?

Mineral, Animal, flower pattern? - It's one of my upcoming patterns!

Presently 36" x 36" while I'm deciding on a border

a little crazy looking before curves
Whats green and blue with dots all over?

Can you guess!

Released this summer

Do you like dolphins?
Dolphin Jump

Make a jumping dolphin wall-hanging using dimensional curves. Just follow this peeled-back patchwork pattern step by step and the quilt will come together like a fun puzzle. Make the quilt as a wall-hanging, or use it as a quilt center.

a smaller flamingo, 2 settings: Table runner and Pillow
Flamingo Flip
Flip the flamingo any way you like.  It will still be fun.  Use it on your table or make just half the runner and make a fun flamingo pillow 

I do like Shiny Fabrics
A Wing and a Prayer

These large angel wings are curvy, dimensional and go together like a fun puzzle.  

now available as a kit as well
Pocket Angels

Pocket Angels are perfect for a friend.  They have an actual pocket on the back to tuck in a card or prayer.

See What Else Is New !
Back on Course - Quilting Courses

I am back to editing the quilting courses for you. -  A little Mystery distraction came along and cut in line, but now I am back to working on the course.

Moonflowers Table Runner won the Poll I put up on Facebook:  Southwind Inspirations and will be one of the first ones, but there will be others too.

Moonflower Table Runner

Gathering Supplies - one of my favorite things

Moonflower Table Runner Course
videos are coming - to a computer near you!

MORE Peeled-Back Patchwork:

Dimensional Curves for Animal Quilts

Fox, bunnies, fish, frogs, ducks and a goose block.
How about something more exotic?
Maybe a hippo, toucan and even giraffes!

Each of the eight quilts has a special project to make either placemats, pillows, a table runner, and more.

135 + full-color pages of fun animals just for you.  -

Dimensional Animal Quilts

Here are just a few examples of the animals in the book.

Bonus Project
Toucan Too

Each animal quilt features another  the animal in another setting or project using easy dimensional curves.

The front of the book
MORE Peeled Back Patchwork: DImensional Curves for Animal Quilts
Get your book here

Welcome to Southwind Designs Quilt Snacks

I have started a weekly Facebook Live show I call Quilt Snacks.  The regular "air" time is Wednesdays at 2 pm EDT.  Check out posted Quilt Snacks on my Southwind Quilts YouTube channel

Do you have Quilt Snack Questions?

I would love to answer your questions in an upcoming episode of Quilt Snacks.  You can click the button or just hit reply from this newsletter and I will receive and record your message.

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