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August 2018

Understanding the Differences in Greenhouse Foundations, Bases and Floors
A lot of people use these three terms interchangeably, but this isn’t accurate. Learn more...

Increasing Microbial Population in a Soil or Medium
Increasing the beneficial microbial population in a soil or medium will automatically increase efficiency and productivity throughout the entire garden. Learn more...

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Horti-Control Doubles your Growing Area and Increases Yields
The Horti-Control LF Series Ballast Flip Flop allows growers to better utilize electrical capacity and maximize the use of HID lights, without needing to purchase additional ballasts and power circuits. The Horti-Control LF Series allows growers to take advantage of all 24 hours in the day and can double growing area and increase yields. The LF Series is purely mechanical and designed to be simple, versatile and above all reliable. Visit www.HortiControl.com.

A Do-It-Yourself Greenhouse Built From Local Materials
A homemade greenhouse can be constructed of cheap, local materials that you might not initially consider using, but with a little ingenuity, you can probably make something nice for very little cost. Learn more...

Troubleshooting Hydroponic System Problems
Troubleshooting hydroponic system problems can be difficult, especially when there are multiple causes for a single set of symptoms or when more than one issue exists at the same time. Learn more...

How to Build a Cedar Potting Bench
This bench is designed to be strong without complex joints. Learn more...

Outdoor Orchid Growing
Properly selected and cared for, orchids can be among the showiest and most exotic of all garden or patio plants. Learn more...

Garden & Greenhouse Product Review -
Home Grown Food by Milo Shammas Learn more...

Gardenias are a Great Greenhouse Plant
Learn more...

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