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Prayer Letter
October 2019


"You will know when it's time." This is not the answer one wants to hear when they ask the question, "When should we start full-time deputation?" But this is the answer we most often get. 

"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." ~ Galatians 6:9

I am reminded of my time in the military when we have a very familiar saying: "hurry up... and wait."

We don't like to wait. We want to go and do things now, in our timing. It is hard to wait upon the Lord. Yet, when we stop and think of all of the heroes of the faith that had to do just that, waiting doesn't seem so bad. 

  • Abraham waited for years before God gave him Isaac.
  • Joseph was sold in slavery and eventually waited in jail for many years before God realized the dreams that He gave Joseph as a child.
  • Simeon was promised that he would see the Messiah before he died. We don't know how long that was, but the text suggests that he was an old man when it happened.

Our waiting seems pale in comparison. 

Then I am reminded of Mary and Martha who called Jesus to come and heal their brother. But Jesus did not come in their timing. He was "too late" by their reasoning. Yet when Jesus did come, He did something far better than just healing Lazurus, He brought Lazurus back from death.

We get in a hurry. And we want God to work in our timing. Yet, when we slow down and submit to God's timing, things tend to work out a lot better.

Our goal this year was to start full-time deputation in June. We wanted to be able to spend the summer on the road, visit churches, and raise our support. 

June came and went, so did July, August, and September... But then I was able to put in my notice and complete my last day of work in Chewelah on October 11th. Now we are officially on full-time deputation.

We have talked to many people and most agree that starting this next step in the fall, in an area that snows and is surrounded by mountain passes does not make worldly sense. But we know it is God's timing. And so, I stepped down from my full-time job, and we are dedicating the time to making arrangements for future travel. We are contacting more churches and widening our reach of potential places to visit and share the ministry of Missionary Acres.

Thank you for your prayers. We appreciate you continuing to pray for us. The past two months have been amazing. We are excited to continue along the path that God has laid out before us.

~ Bryan & Lisa Tanner & Family

  • Being able to travel together in one vehicle! Praising God for the gift of a 15-passenger van.
  • Starting our full-time deputation ministry.
  • Opportunity to present Missionary Acres in a church in November.
  • The Lord providing for our needs - financially, health, everything. It is amazing to see Him at work in our lives.

Prayer Requests
  • To continue to connect with Pastors and fill our schedule for the end of 2019 and 2020.
  • For safety on the road - we will be going over a (likely snow-covered) pass in November.
  • A dependable and affordable travel trailer large enough to sleep our family - to reduce lodging expenses.
  • For continued health for our family. 
  • Jayme is taking the ACT on October 26th.
  • Owen has a neurologist appointment on October 28th. 

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