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Dear Friends,

Chris & Lisa Cree on the Scottish coast

Spring is making its way into Summer here in Scotland. Lisa and I are keeping our faster pace with everything that’s happening in the ministry. God told us recently that we are moving towards a season where we will be running with Him instead of just walking with Him as we have in the past.

We’re in exciting times, that’s for sure. Fortunately we know that God gives us the grace for everything He asks us to do. We do our best to only take on those things which God’s grace enables us to do.

Here are some of the bigger events that have happened in the ministry since our last newsletter.

First Graduating Class

Class of 2019 cake

This past Saturday marked an incredibly significant event both for Lisa and me and for NewCREEations Ministries as an organization. We held the graduation ceremony for our first class to complete the two year program at Charis Bible College Dumfries!

We graduated 16 students from our second year program. We also promoted 13 students who completed the first year, promoting into second year.

We founded NewCREEations and moved our lives to Scotland specifically to establish the local Charis campus and disciple students through the Bible college. It was a powerful day for Lisa and I as each of our students crossed the stage to get their diplomas.

Charis Dumfries class of 2019

This first class of students are our Trailblazers. Lisa and I were an unknown and unproven quantity when we arrived here in Scotland. These students took a bit of a risk with us and trusted they heard God to enroll in the school. Every one of them is a faith-filled overcomer.

When Lisa and I were going through Charis as students the tag line was “Change your life. Change the world.” And that’s what I believe these students will be doing.

For those of you who partner with NewCREEations, this is your fruit here in the photo. Lisa and I could not be here in Scotland to pour into the lives of these mighty men and women of God without your generous support.

Several of our students plan to return in September to go through the third year leadership course. Others are moving into their personal call from God elsewhere. We look forward to hearing the stories of their exploits for the Kingdom of God.

Book is Published

Rejecting Mammon book cover

We have officially released the Rejecting Mammon book! It is available exclusively on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. We have links to both of those formats on our Rejecting Mammon website.

You receive our newsletter, and you may also receive our Daily Reflections email devotionals too. So you have a feel for my writing style, which you will also find in the book.

It’s a practical, how-to book. I wanted to share Biblical truth in a way that people can apply to their own lives and see actual results. Lisa and I have chosen to be a bit vulnerable in the book. We not only share what works, but we also share some of our mistakes and what didn’t work for us. My desire is that it helps people escape the cycle of frustration when it comes to giving.

If you are already generous, but don’t seem to receive much harvest for all the generous seed you sow, then this book is especially for you.

Again, the best place to get a copy is to go to our website and click the link on that page for the version you prefer.

I’ve been a bit humbled by the feedback I’ve received from the book so far. Everyone I shared it with who read it before we went to print has had positive things to say about it. I pray it is also a blessing to you too.

The Weeks Ahead

Chris & Lisa at Charis Dumfries graduation 2019

The next several weeks look to be a bit of a whirlwind for Lisa and I. The latter half of this week we head down to Telford, England for Andrew Wommack’s Grace and Faith conference.

We will leave that conference as soon as it ends to get back to Dumfries to finish our preparations for Andrew Wommack to visit our local Charis campus there. He is coming in for the Gospel Truth Seminar (GTS) that Glen Aros Church is hosting. The venue where they are hosting the event is right across the street from our college campus. So we will be hosting an open house for the Bible College in conjunction with this two day event.

Both the Grace and Faith conference and the Dumfries GTS are expected to be big recruiting opportunities to enroll students for the next school year starting in September. Please be praying as God brings us to mind that we will have tremendous favor and see a large intake of students next year.

Then the weekend after the big event in Dumfries we depart for our trip back to America for five weeks. There we will attend the Charis Business Summit, the World Outreach meetings of all the Charis directors around the world, a European region Charis meeting, Andrew Wommack’s Summer Family Bible Conference, plus speak in a couple churches, host a couple partner receptions, and take care of some business that we can only do in person.

We do plan to build in a little bit of rest time around all that too.

When we return to Scotland we will be starting the process to renew our work visas. It’s amazing to me that we have been here nearly three years already. Our hope is that we can renew our visas for another three years. There is a significant cost for the visas. But Lisa and I are confident that God will provide that money before we need it.

That brings you up to date with NewCREEations. As I said above, these are exciting times. I encourage you to take a look at the book and consider buying a copy. I sincerely believe it will be a blessing to you.

Abundant Blessings,


Chris & Lisa Cree

P.S. We’d like to thank those of you who have helped us purchase Lisa’s airfare and our vehicle rental for the time in the States. We are always humbled how the Lord speaks to hearts. There are still some additional expenses for our time in America. When we return, we need to renew our visas. This is a hard requirement allowing us to continue to serve here in Scotland for the next three years. Our visas will cost approximately £5000.00 (that’s $6500.00). If God is speaking to your heart, please prayerfully considering partnering with us to help with these upcoming additional expenses. Thank you again for all the support you have already given us. We are eternally grateful.


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