Day One - Glasgow


It's now morning after my first day and my tummy's full from a full Scottish breakfast--beans, sausage, toast, eggs, and more. Plus they had some Rice Crispies :)

I'll be leaving in a few minutes to drive up to the Isle of Skye, but thought I'd send you the first of what I hope is several emails. 

I landed yesterday morning, 6 am local time and got my rental car and then totally felt like I was in a Monty Python skit trying to get out of their airport! The GPS told me to bear left at one point, so I did and that put me into a longterm parking area and the only way forward was for me to put in my credit card so I could enter through the gate. Hoping it'd note how little time I was in the lot I got to the exit, only to be presented with a machine with 2 options: feed it a ticket, which I didn't have or call for help. After the guy came over, and I explained my predicament, turns out I just had to put in my credit card again. OK. 2 pounds poorer and I'm freeeee! And then I start noticing the same dang landmarks. Yep, GPS has circled me around. Wiser, I didn't bear that far to the left, only to be fed into short term parking and an exit RIGHT NEXT TO THE OTHER! I waved sheepishly to the same guy and he came over. I felt like an idiot and properly tried to shift blame to the GPS. He seemed sympathetic, and gave me directions, which were not at all how the missy on the GPS told me. Free, finally!

My day was mostly spent with me exploring the neighborhood near my hotel, which was near Glasgow University and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum.

Photos from the neighborhood

Photos from Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

I'd hoped to have photos in this email, but it seems uploading is disabled in this app on my tablet, and I didn't bring my laptop. Maybe I can figure it out tonight? My facebook profile is set to public, so even if you're not on Facebook you should still be able to see them.

I also had an incident where I'm having to cut down some sole inserts for my shoes in the room where I stored my luggage at the hotel before I could check in, and I think I grossed out the guy waiting in there, lol. Sooo not sexy. Felt like some rom-com heroine except you know, where it didn't lead into an awkward meet-cute. Maybe for a future book!!

Gotta run and check out!

Until next time,


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