How I curate BrainPint, how to push through fears of early work, find anything on the Internet & more
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How I Curate

Hi everyone!

This week's BrainPint goes out to 1,058 of you. It's a huge milestone to cross 1,000 subscribers. In a world where everyone is advised to niche down, I was never sure whether a medley-style newsletter would take off. It turns out people actually want to read and I'm just blown away by the support I receive each week. Thank you so much!

I've gotten many questions on how I curate this, so I thought the best way to share is to write a long-form post about it.

This week, I'm sharing about pushing through fears of early work, how to find anything on the Internet, sites you can find Google Slides / PowerPoint templates and more.

Again, thanks for reading BrainPint and sharing about it.

With gratitude,

Interesting Reads

Early Work
Do you ever feel like you have no idea what you're doing? "One of the biggest things holding people back from doing great work is the fear of making something lame. And this fear is not an irrational one." 
How can you push through this fear?

  • Surround yourself with the right people
  • Use a medium that lets you work fast & doesn't require too much commitment up front (Build MVPs)
  • Think of projects as a way to learn and not just as a way to make something

This piece by Paul Graham is a great read for anyone building something new.

An Interview with 'Humans of New York' Creator Brandon Stanton
10 Takeaways from an interview with HONY's Brandon Stanton, a photographer & storyteller who takes portraits of strangers and features their intimate life stories. My favorite quote: "Deep listening is a form of respect: When you're listening from a place of pure interest and genuine curiosity, there's no question that's too personal."

How I Curate BrainPint
I share the sources, tools & processes I use to curate this newsletter. It's also the public launch of my personal blog!


    How To Find Anything On The Internet (Deep Dive)
    The Internet is full of information, but knowing where, and how to look is a skill in itself. Marie shares how we can use Open Source Intelligence to find anything we want. Includes a full list of tools & resources.

    How To Market Yourself
    A guide on how to assemble your personal brand, your domain, and your skills/business value, then market yourself in public or at work.

        flowchart marketing yourself
        Newsletter Operating System
        Newsletter OS Intro

        Newsletter Operating System (Notion Dashboard)

        I've created a comprehensive Notion dashboard that helps newsletter creators curate, write & grow their newsletters.

        Thanks to everyone who ordered last week! It's currently still at pre-launch price, so grab it before I officially launch on Friday.

        Pre-order Newsletter OS now
        Resources & Tools
        Personality Test


        Connect your calendar to, confirm your preferences, and start scheduling meetings. Great Calendly alternative with generous free plan.

        Slidesgo, SlidesMania, SlidesCarnival - High-quality, beautiful and free PowerPoint & Google Slides templates.

        Google Sheets Templates Pack - Free Google Sheets templates to create headline generators, a CRM, a virtual mall and more.

        Deck Of Brilliance - Idea generation tools for creative professionals. 


          The Unicorns Feed - A bi-weekly newsletter for web developers and UI/UX designers discovering new resources and articles about the latest and relevant trends.

          Zero To Marketing - Every Monday, Andrea picks a new online business and writes a 5-minute case study with actionable tips on how he'd grow it

          P.S. Last week my link for Productivize was broken. Here's the right one.

            Take A Brain Break

            Singapore Airlines Turns Grounded Planes Into Restaurants - Singapore Airlines has created a A380 restaurant, with prices for an economy meal starting at $39, and a suite meal, $474. It was a sell-out success. For a detailed walk-through, click here. As the last flight I took (to move to Spain in February) was on their business product, this made me chuckle. 

            McBroken - This website charts the working status of every McDonald's ice cream machine in the United States and whether it's working, or, you guessed it - broken!

            Random Inspiration Machine - Another Stumble-Upon like website that surfaces entirely random things on the Internet. Bonus find: Discover by Share A Coffee which surfaces interesting creations.

              Quote Of The Week

              "Persistence matters more than talent. The student with straight As is irrelevant if the student sitting next to him with Bs has more passion.”
              — Andrew Ross Sorkin
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              Written with love in Spain by @JanelSGM
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