Session #3 of the starts in 30 minutes Implementation Weekend for February 2022

Session #3 of our FebYOUary campaign - on how to make a fun, fast, fabulous meal to give YOU back your time is starting in half an hour. Please join me live (if you can) for the 3rd  session 6:00PM AEST remember Queensland does not do day light savings  (in 30 minutes) in the Gut Academy Club 

A replay will be available inside the group immediately after the live session.

Life is a combination of magic and pasta

No One Eats Alone Day Virtual Dinner -

Themeā€¦ White & Love by the Beach

Super Quick and Easy Menu. Using the goodness we created in January Implementation Weekend + 10 for 10 tutorial (the 10 ferment's made in less than 10 minutes). So you can look after YOU, without having to spend/waste preparing deeliciousness that you deserve.

See you soon!

Big Love & Bacteria,


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