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Sweet2Heat’s newest multi-author box set here!

I’m so excited to be part of this 8-book box set! I love writing stories utilizing this trope…single dads! So many emotions to juggle. Be still my heart!!

LOVE and the SINGLE DAD: a Small Town Enemies to Lovers Opposites Attract Workplace Romance Box Set

Life changed when he became a single parent. Now, he’s a father first. His love life? Delegated to the back burner…until she turns up the flame.

1. Baby Nanny by Day Leclaire
Hiring a nanny seemed the logical step when Jack Mason inherited his five-year-old niece. Only one problem… How does he seduce the temporary nanny he’s fallen for into becoming his permanent wife?

2. The Bodyguard by Kathryn Shay
Cord McKay is forced back to his hometown when he gets custody of a daughter he didn’t know he had. Once there, he must confront his complicated past with Stacey Webb and her family.

3. Her Long Walk Home by Linda Barrett
Amputee Rebecca Hart’s one goal is to heal and get on with a normal life. Widowed single dad Adam Fielding’s one goal is to avoid risking love again. Neither believes the magic of Sea View House could open their hearts and minds. Boy, were they wrong!

4. Texas Charm by Jean Brashear
He’s a country superstar; she’s a small-town waitress, lost together in a lovely dream. When reality, in the form of an orphaned niece, crashes into their stolen interlude, whose heart will be the one to break?

5. Love Times Three by Barbara McMahon
Shocking enough when Asher Callahan finds out he’s the father of two-year old twins. Lucky for him, one of his employees, Charlotte Thompson, worked her way through college as a nanny. Can a pair of lively and delightful twins work magic on the adults in their lives?

6. Loves Me, Loves Me Not by Karen Sandler
No-nonsense elementary school principal Katherine would never fall for a free spirit like Steve. Yet somehow, she can’t resist him or his lively daughter. But Katherine’s been hurt before. Can she find a way to open her heart to love?

7. His Heart for the Trusting by Lisa Mondello
Mitch Broader’s dream of owning a ranch has come true, but a baby basket, complete with infant and birth certificate naming him as the father jeopardizes everything. His only chance is to convince Sara Lightfoot to become his live-in nanny. But after everything Sara’s been through, can she open up her heart once again to love?

8. That Cowboy’s Forever Family by Debra Salonen
Rancher Tom Butler will do anything for his family—even ask for help from a beautiful stranger. Victims advocate Abby Davis can’t turn her back on two brokenhearted children or their beleaguered father, but can she do her job without losing her heart in the process?

Download LOVE AND THE SINGLE DAD and step into eight heartwarming standalone romance novels crafted by New York Times, USAToday, and bestselling authors. When the going gets tough, call a single dad—he’s already proven love can fix anything.

IMPORTANT: Unlike our previous box sets, LOVE and the SINGLE DAD will only be available at the extremely steep discounted price of 99¢ for a few more days, then it will revert to $9.99, which you’ve got to admit is still a great deal for 8 stand-alone novels.

As always, for the length of this promotion, Kindle Unlimited participants can download and read for free.

Either way, grab here!

I thought you might be interested in a little back story for my contribution to this box set:

That Cowboy’s Forever Family began as a human-interest article I wrote for the Merced SunStar newspaper in Merced, California in 1991. As staff writer for the features section, I was always looking for stories with heart, and I knew I’d found one when I was assigned to interview a single man—a cowboy—whose ex-wife had been killed in an ATM robbery in LA and their two daughters had been sent back to the Central Valley to live with their dad.

I can’t recall the exact circumstances of his story, but I knew I was talking to a real-life hero. Humble, kind, and not interested in fame, this suddenly single dad was willing to tell his story to “pay it forward.”

When tragedy hit, he was living in an extremely “rustic” bunkhouse on the ranch where he worked. The accommodations were barebones, and not suitable for two young girls. Thanks to a state program designed to help survivors of violent crimes rebuild their lives, he was able to add an addition to the bunkhouse so each girl could have a bedroom.

The story got a lot of attention. I won top honors for my newspaper and I sold the piece to Woman’s World magazine. That was very cool…except they spelled my name wrong. Sigh.

Eight years later, I spun a romance from this feel-good story. I gave my hero a heroine with a heart of gold, and THAT COWBOY’S KIDS became my first Harlequin Superromance.

The book came out in April 2000, and a lot has changed since then, so this new rendition—THAT COWBOY’S FOREVER FAMILY—needed some updating, but I think/hope you’ll agree the core story still has “good bones.”


I haven’t done a contest in awhile, but I love this trope so much I thought I’d invite my newsletter readers to share the first name of their favorite SINGLE DAD…and maybe a few words about why your pick is so awesome.

You can reply to this email or debsalonen@gmail.com. I’ll pick one random entrant to win a $24 Amazon gift card. (Since this is 2024.) Winner announced in my next newsletter (2/22/24).


I’ve engaged my favorite cover designer to update the covers of my LOVE IN THE HEART OF GOLD COUNTRY BOX SET. I can’t wait to share the five individual book covers, but I decided to wait until I have a print version of each book are available and ready to buy.

But I promise to share the new Box Set cover in my next newsletter.

With joy and gratitude…Go Niners,


Next up:

2/22: Single Dad drawing winner and cover reveal for the Gold Country Box Set

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