Every month we work tirelessly to add elements to our 60,000+ Series offering. Some of the ideas come from you, and we thank you immensely for these. But we do a lot of in-house research as well.

This month, check out the added entries across the Western Asia megaregion as we look at ancient sites, religious temples, caves and monuments in a diverse and culturally rich area with countries such as Turkey, Oman and Iran among others.

In addition to our geographical expansion, we're excited to announce new additions our Series:

Syria Tour

Join us for a special 8-day tour of Syria from May 18-25, 2024! Explore historic places, meet local people, and experience the rich culture of one of the oldest countries in the world. Do so in a very NomadMania way, with unusual activities not part of 'traditional' trips and an amazing price!

For a detailed itinerary and more insights into this mesmerising adventure, we invite you to read more on our blog.

WebSummit and Off The Beaten Track Fest

We're back from a bustling week at WebSummit 2023 in Lisbon and the Off The Beaten Track Fest in Budapest, filled with inspiring interactions.

Orest Zub, our managing partner, took the stage at WebSummit, sharing the essence of NomadMania during the Future of Travel & Hospitality session. Our presence at the Expo was a meeting point for many travel enthusiasts.

In Budapest, Orest's session about navigating travel in Ukraine under current conditions was a highlight of Hungary's largest travel festival.

We've put together comprehensive reports on both events, capturing the key moments and learnings.

📖 For a deep dive into WebSummit 2023, check out our report here.

📖 For insights from the Off The Beaten Track Fest, read our report here.

New DARE Additions 

In line with our recent update about Nagorno Karabakh, we are introducing new DARE places, focusing this week on Armenia and Azerbaijan within the Western Asia Megaregion:

Our ever-growing DARE list now stands at 1326 places.

Zangilan district (extreme southwest)


Here are the DARE spots we've added this week:

Armenia: Tegh municipality and Khndzoresk
Azerbaijan: Kalbajar district
Azerbaijan: Khankendi city (formerly Stepanakert municipality)
Azerbaijan: Sadarak district (Nakhchivan extreme northwest)
Azerbaijan: Zangilan district (extreme southwest)


Remember, following our 2018 referendum vote, a visit counts always, regardless of changes in control or sovereignty.

For instance, if you visited Nagorno Karabakh when it was under Armenian control and went to Stepanakert, you can claim the respective DARE for Khankendi city.

Explore these new regions and add more adventures to your travel diary!

As Seen On...

NomadMania has been making waves across various media platforms, and we're excited to share some of the latest features that spotlight our community and adventures! 

Although it's been a few weeks, this piece offers a profound look at our explorations in Ukraine's former occupied areas - read it here! 

Also check out this podcast to listen to our experiences and insights from our journey to Eastern Ukraine.

We'll keep sharing these stories on our social media channels, so follow us for regular updates and catch our weekly roundup posts every Friday!

See all our media mentions on our press page.


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