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Company e-Newsletter - March 15, 2022

Single-Seat Surge Continues

Air Command's New One-Place Gyroplane

By Dan Johnson

I am a longtime enthusiast of single-place aircraft. Clearly, I am not alone. In fact, the number of pilots showing an interest in single-place aircraft has been growing fast according to several ways of estimating such interest.

When you fly solo you can operate your flying machine the way you want — well… within the laws of physics and the laws of FAA (or whatever national CAA you must obey). What you don’t need to do is worry about a passenger.

Single place aircraft are commonly much more affordable.

Despite following single place aircraft closely, even I have been astounded at steadily increasing interest in single place aircraft over the last few years. Although significantly out of sight of many aviators, single place aviation has been growing faster than you imagine. Some pilots actually think Part 103 “died” a couple of decades back. I don’t know how it feels to be that wrong, but they are. > continue reading...


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Click here to read the article written by Dan Johnson

Go Flying with Captain Ron Menzie

Introduction to Pilot Certification Flight Series

Join CFI and DPE Ron Menzie in his gyroplane flying video series dedicated to making better pilots.

In this video, Ron introduces us to pilot certification and what to expect when testing with an examiner as a new pilot or for your add-on rating. The pilot certification flight maneuvers series Ron produced includes six individual videos that assist you in preparing for your practical flight test with a certified flight instructor or pilot examiner.

Disclaimer:  The video series is not a substitute for actual in-flight instruction and training with a qualified and certified gyroplane flight instructor.

Click For Video "Introduction to Pilot Certification"
Click For Pilot Certification Flight Maneuvers Series

Tuning Up For the New Flying Season

The new flying season is here, so if you haven't done so already, now is a great time to complete your 12-month condition inspection and get ready to enjoy another year of gyroplane flying.

Like everything in aviation, it all begins with safety in mind for both the pilot and the gyroplane.

Last year, we updated the 12-Month Condition Inspection Guide and Preflight Checklist. Both of these resources are free to download at

The 12-Month Condition Inspection Guide is a reference guide for those with a repairman certificate who can legally work on the gyroplane they are specially registered with the FAA or an A&P mechanic who can perform these tasks.

Click the red links below to download these helpful resources.

Condition Inspection Guide
Preflight Checklist

Annual Replacement of Certain Hardware

Each year it is highly suggested to replace certain AN hardware, rubber bushings, and fuel line tubing.

  • Main rotor head teeter hardware includes the bolt, castle nut, washers, and safety pin.
  • Rotor blade retention hardware includes the bolt, castle nut, washers, and safety pin.
  • Fuel seat tank items include rubber bushings and fuel line.

We've made ordering the items mentioned above easy by creating replacement kits listed below that include everything you need. 


Use of Torque Seal

It's suggested to use torque seal to verify the proper torque specification for Nyloc nuts. Don't confuse torque seal with thread locker.


Rotor Head Inspection and Tear-Down

The most critical item on the gyroplane is the rotor head. These parts need to be inspected regularly for normal wear or damage to avoid an inflight incident or risk of failure.

Air Command recommends a rotor head inspection every five years or 100-flight hours, whichever comes first.

Skywheels Rotor Blade Retention Bolt Kit



Rotor Head Teeter Bolt



Rotorhead Inspection



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