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July 2020 Newsletter

          Napoleon Hill, an American author, once said, "Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle."  As I steer the helm at HDD, I remind myself of these words often.  That is not to say the days are a struggle.  Many, most, are not.  However, as I continue to try to stay up to date with treatment, technology, and team-leading, there are inevitable challenges.  Those challenges, nonetheless, always lead to growth.

           Like many of you, we are weathering a season of many challenges, but I am so proud of how we have been growing, as an office and as a team.  I am invigorated for what is to come and can honestly say I can't wait for the next struggle that pushes us even farther forward.  Thanks for sticking with us and giving us your feedback as always.  See you all soon!

Dr. Jose A. Gil

The Dream Team

You've got a double dose of awesome dentists at HDD now.  We introduced Dr. Kuperavage in our June newsletter, and she has been hitting the ground running with patient care at the office.  Dr. Kuperavage joins us with much experience, having completed a general practice residency after dental school and spending a couple of years practicing in Central Pennsylvania.  She is already proving to be such a wonderful addition to our team.  Read more about her in the June Newsletter or ask for her to do your exam at your next cleaning.

Happy Independence Day

July 4, 1776 - Independence Day - is the date when the United States officially declared its independence from Great Britain.  In commemoration of the nation's centennial in 1876, France gifted the United Statues the Statue of Liberty which has become a beacon of freedom and has served as a welcome to immigrants.  The statue is made of copper, and shortly after its installation it became covered in a greenish patina, the result of copper oxidation and corrosion.  It stands 111.5 feet and weighs 225 tons.  The pedestal that supports the statue accounts for a large portion of its total height of 305 feet.  Much fundraising was necessary for the statue to become a reality, and the poem above written by Emma Lazarus was part of the efforts.  It was published in 1883 and now is printed on a plaque on the lower level of the statue's pedestal.  As you celebrate July 4th this year with your family, think about the rich history from which our nation is born.  It's not all about bar-b-ques and fireworks 😉

Happy Birthday, Dr. Gil!

Dr. Gil celebrates another trip around the sun this month.  Do you recognize him in this photo?  HIs kids, Evan, Ella, and Owen, often make appearances on our social media.  Do you think they take after him?  Wishing Dr. Gil a happy brithday!

Great Question.

We've had a virtual consult platform available on our social media pages for the last few months, and it has gained a lot of positive review. It was able to help patients receive answers to questions during a time when we were all to be staying at home as much as possible, but now, as many are moving about more freely, it has started to become a great tool to conveniently reach Dr. Gil with questions about what is possible with your smile. It's very simple to use. Click on the Smile Virtual Consult link, upload a picture of your smile, write a brief description of your question or concern, and Dr. Gil will send you back a personal video regarding your case. He'll give you an idea about costs and the number of appointments your situation might require. The best part: it's all FREE! If you've ever had a burning question about improving your smile, wondered if something were achievable with your teeth, or were unaware of how much it would cost, this is a great way for you to shed light on those answers. Try it out!

Dentists Found to be one of the "Most Essential and Safest Businesses" during COVID19 Pandemic

A study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) analyzed the overall risk/benefit profiles of 26 different categories of businesses based on their essential values to individuals and the economy and the relative risk of contracting COVID19 associated with them.  The data was analyzed at MIT according to metrics for necessity, crowdedness, etc., and dentists, banks, colleges, places of worship, and auto repair shops were found to be the most essential and safest of the categories.  At HDD, we take infection control seriously - always, not just in a pandemic.  We have added some things to our protocol (increased PPE, air purifiers, etc.) as have many of our dental colleagues.  We weren't surprised by this study's findings.  Were you?

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