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Friday, April 24, 2020

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Thanks very much!

We at PACTS, International would like to thank everyone for their participation in our fundraiser last Saturday.  It was a good event and we are still striving to reach our goal of $10,000 for our attorney to defend us against the false allegations contained in the lawsuit against us.  And we appreciate all the donations that have been coming in this week and those that are still intending to help. 

And we so appreciate all the calls and emails of support we are receiving from the community, such as: 

"I absolutely support you, Derrick, 100 percent.  I believe this is a fraudulent attempt launched against PACTS, in view of the incredible work that PACTS is doing with T.I.s."

" I'm standing with you and PACTS. I'm sure that the work you've done over the years have gone noticed by the forces we all stand against, and retribution is, of course their only course to try to discredit."

 "I truly support and vouch for you. This is pure and simple, petty, ignorant, jealous false accusations."

"Praying Derrick."

"Prayers for PACTS, you and all."

"Best wishes with this, Derrick"

Thanks to everyone for your continued support. The allegations are false and we will explain all that happened after the litigation is completed.  

Crowdfunding site:

PLUS!  You may text PACTSTV to  206-800-7879 to donate!


Please check out the amazing suggestions made in light of all the recent sudden passings in our community.  The idea is to create an educational outreach opportunity from the ensuing public events.  

This was written by a former university professor in Canada, Dr. Louis Fournier.  It is much too lengthy to be included in this section, so it is posted in the 'Community Bulletin Board' section.'  

Dr. Fournier is a TI and is very heavily targeted.  His idea came as the result of a severe microwave attack which he managed to survive with the help of those close to him.  

Perhaps we can discuss these ideas on a conference call and include them on TI websites across the web. Please share his post widely! 

PROJECT PLAN B - now posted in the 'Community Bulletin Board' section of this newsletter.  

Thanks very much, Louis for this great project!


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PACTS International is recruiting professional sales people, and people with experience in soliciting donations, paid by commission and looking for grantwriters to apply for grants, also paid by commission.  

PACTS is a non-profit, tax exempt, 501(c)3 human rights organization. These positions are paid by commission. To apply, or for more information, contact Tim Cassella Board member and CFO of PACTS International.

Tim Cassella


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Membership is $25/year or recurring monthly donations of whatever amount you choose.  There are actually some who have chosen this option. 

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Community Bulletin Board

The views expressed in this section are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of PACTS, International.  


We are a very active organization and excited about all the projects currently helping the community and those to come.  We therefore, could use a few good volunteers to help us with our mission to you.  If you are looking for some way to help, the following areas could use volunteer support: 

  • PSA project: Tim Cassella - 725-221-7271
  • Phone lines  -  1-888-639-5559
  • Help with our PACTS magazine:  Gloria Sterling - 314-395-780

PROJECT "PLAN B"  by Louis Fournier, Ph.D

Some of you may have heard of the new "Plan B" idea, as it was discussed a few weeks ago on Mary Lamont's conference call and sparked interest.  Mary notes that "this crime is becoming even more brutal" and so, swamped as she is with TI support and work on her new book, she will not be taking on this project personally.  We have, however, been discussing it for several months and feel that the time is ripe to make a concrete proposal to the TI Community. 

Incidentally, Mary and I like the term "Movement" with a capital "M", as Tis are waging a struggle just as heroic and harrowing as the Civil Rights Movement of the Sixties.  Call it OS/EH or cybertorture or any other name, it is a war on humanity and, although we did not sign up, We the Targeted are on the frontlines of this war and the TI Cause is the Cause of humanity and of its most cherished freedoms.  God willing, our sacred struggle could end up sparing future generations the trauma of living under Electromagnetic Fascism.

When noted novelist Gloria Naylor passed away at the age of 66, some of us were quite shocked that not a word was said in her eulogy about her important book on OS/EH, titled "1996", and of course not a word about her targeting.  I remember thinking this silence surrounding her life and untimely death constituted a tragedy in itself: what a great opportunity was missed to educate the public about this crime!  This got me thinking that all Tis should plan on making their death as visible and useful as possible to the Cause by leaving a written and/or recorded statement, notes for their eulogy, etc.  
My own life has been under threat for a while, but even more so since last November.  On December 5, well-known activist and TI Werner Bock met a tragic end not fifteen minutes away from my home and his wife Renate, herself a TI, penned a heartfelt eulogy recounting Werner's lifelong struggle in favor of organic farming and against the spraying of our forests with glyphosate (Roundup) in New Brunswick, Canada.  Hard to find on the Internet, the full, uncensored text of her eulogy states that her husband was a TI and was assassinated in his driveway with directed-energy weapons. A powerful, eloquent statement that brilliantly serves our Cause. 

Under an hour-long, excruciatingly painful pressure beam to the right side of my brain last November, I urgently called my fiancée Mary for support and to document the ordeal in case I did not make it.  She then had the brilliant idea of contacting my brother Pierre.  The calls were recorded and multiple copies made.  Mary and Pierre's love and support made a huge difference that night.  Everyone's Plan A is of course to do everything they can to survive this horrendous crime, but I believe it is smart to prepare a Plan B in case we conk out.  
Here is a brief outline of what it could involve:

1 - Nobody should suffer alone.  Ideally, Ti's could try pair with at least one other TI.  It breaks the terrible isolation and allows Tis to call one another when under assault or down in the dumps.  The calls are recorded and multiple copies are safely stored, so that the Tis are not only giving one another moral support but documenting the crime, which could come in very handy some day.   

2 - In addition to your TI partner, it would of course be ideal to try to find a sympathetic family member or trusted friend and form a three-member "Plan B Committee" to make preparations in case of your demise.  

3 - This preparation should in our opinion include a written and recorded statement on the crime which you want to leave behind, with copies to family members, close friends, key politicians and media, PACTS, FFTI, the UN's Special Rapporteur on Torture, etc.  Your Plan B Committee will make sure that everyone on your list gets their copy.  Emails from Tis or to Tis regularly get intercepted, so do make sure that crucial communications will get sent by registered mail.  

4 - If you wish, your recorded statement could be played at your funeral.  Myself, I am greatly blessed in that my four brothers are solidly behind me and have agreed that my funeral should be used as an opportunity to educate the public about the crime.  As I often tell them: "I hope to live a long life… but if I conk out under cybertorture, make my death as useful as possible!"  

5 - Tell your Plan B Committee what materials you would like them to leave at the funeral parlor and for the participants at the ceremony.  For myself I requested copies of Mary's book, of Dr. John Hall's "Guinea Pigs", the excellent FFTI posters and pamphlets, issues of PACTS' "Discussion" magazine as well as key articles.  To mark the passing of a leader or thinker of the Movement, a press conference could be called - including one at Twenty-Nine Palms - so that his or her death and the TI Cause could get maximum visibility.   

6 - Far from being morbid, a good Plan B is in fact uplifting, as it gives meaning to our senseless suffering.  On those long nights when I am brought to the very edge, it always comforts me to think that, thanks to Mary and Pierre, my demise will have some meaning and hopefully a favorable impact on the Cause.  And so, paradoxically, carefully planning for my death actually increases my passion for life and my chances of survival. 
Comments, suggestions, constructive criticism most welcome.

Louis Fournier, Ph.D

April Activities Calendar


Hi targeted family, The in person meeting at the Hollywood Library is cancelled, as it is closed.Attending our conference call is standing up to the evil illegal crimes and intending to do something about them.
Please make the phone call to show up. Make a difference!

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Time: 3:30 PM

Dial in to Free Conference Call:

(978) 990-5000

Access code:  336876#

Contact: Amy - 971-207-3401

***New Group Forming
The Organizer, Patrick, is an activist & maintains the Twitter account,
"Extremely Targeted"
Patrick can be reached at:

Laura Ann is holding a Monday night conference call for Denver, Colorado TI's who want to plan a protest.
Laura Ann Email: Cell: 208-244-4977

Every Saturday: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Central and Washington, across from Urban Outfitters
We have flyers, microphone, gazebo tent with table.
Please come join us to promote public awareness.
Contact:  Lewis -  602-461-1852

SATURDAYS -  8 PM Eastern Standard Time / 5 PM PST
605-313-5569, Code# 516586
Janey is the Moderator


**Congratulations*** to the following TI's who have recent or upcoming birthdays!  The source of these listings is mostly my Facebook page, however, if you have a birthday in APRIL an upcoming month, and would like to be featured on the birthday list, send us an email to:

Ella free - April 3
Julia Wordsman - April 3
Pauline Cheung - April 3
Ryan Nate - April 3
Lisa York - April 4
Kim Williams - April 4
Brad Parker - April 4
Harden Walker Jr. - April 4
Stefanie Van de Velde - April 4
Xhadow Wilson - April 4
James NewKirk TI - April 7
Bill Napoli - April 7
Danny Anable - April 8
Noah Benzing - April 8
Teresa Brown - April 9
Stacy Havir - April 9
Rezina Negev - April 10
Joseph Barry Somerville - April 11
Barbara Guillette - April 12
Joey Hemingway - April 12
Love Olympio - April 1 2
Mary Melnik - April 12
Phenix Gold - April 12
Robert Jay Levy - April 12
Lin Fang - April 12
Debbie Harrington - April 13
Deca Smith - April 13

JB Rhine - April 13
Nancy Perez - April 13
Robert Fernandez - April 13
Lynn Gallagher - April 14
Felicia Brown Lynn - April 15
Robert Stanson - April 15
Ryan Decosse - April 15
Shiryle Sayler - April 16
Christopher Burton - April 18
Kay Hill - April 18
Anita Heath - April 19
Darrius Varnell - April 20
Paolo Fiora - April 21
Alan Colmer - April 21
Cinthia Elias - April 22
Joselle Rosario - April 22
Rodney Biddle - April 22
Sarena Tyler - April 23
Charles Mosley - April 25
Donovan Williams - April 25
Jennifer Harrell - April 25
Patricia Holt - April 25
Patty Martinez - April 25
Richard Lovelace - April 25
Elisabeth Gerardin - April 27
Joe Dixon - April 28
Oguz Icsoz - April 29

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