What up, y'all!

Well, we're rockin' and rollin' on into summer. Got big plans? Yeah, no. Me neither. So, last year I was all adulting and stuff, so I decided not to travel in 2018. I mean overseas. My goal was to release two books this year. I wanted to concentrate on writing. My other goal was to finish fixing up my home. Plus, I was worn out by two major home renovations. If you've survived even one of those you know what I mean. The dust, banging, negotiations, sticker shock- oh my. There may have been lions, tigers, and bears, too. Anyway, no long major trips to foreign lands for me. Nuh-uh. You know what happened next. Riiiight.

Satan rubbed his hands together and cackling with glee, threw not one. Not two. But three trip temptations in my path. Two sets of travel pals from past tours said, "Hey, Lynn. Let's go!" Deb and Joan went to Iceland. Then three friends I made on a tour of Morocco invited me to tour England, Wales, and Scotland. And a travel company enticed me with the Chelsea Garden Show in England, which included a visit to the setting of a favorite British mystery show (Oxford, Inspector Morse). I may not have held to my vow if it had been the village where Midsomer Murders is filmed. Nevertheless, I resisted! 

I released Third Sight Into Darkness in January, and I'm closing in on finishing the last chapter of Dead Ahead.  Now all I have to do is not whine while I look at the pictures posted by my friends having a blast in fab countries. Sigh. Remember when we longed to grow-up? What the heck were we thinking???? 

Read on for adventures in my stay-cation summer of 2018.


Librarians Rock My World

I have a wonderful and totally unexpected opportunity to attend the American Library Association Convention in New Orleans June 22-25! I'll be giving away a signed copy of DEAD WRONG at 12:30 - 1:00 pm on Saturday, June 23rd in booth # 3548. Librarians who plan to attend, come on by!

As if that's not exciting enough, two women I admire to the moon and back will be there. Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Viola Davis. I'm so looking forward to this. I knew there was a good reason not to be out of the country this summer :)

American Pirate

Jean Lafitte was an interesting character. He was a privateer who paused, at least historians think he did, in his plundering and smuggling to become a war hero in two American wars. Here's a short account.

Jean Lafitte was born in either in France or somewhere in the Carribean. Records are unclear, but he ended up in Louisiana. He and his brother Pierre owned a blacksmith shop in New Orleans. But they also had a rogue colony in the secluded Barataria Bay Islands. He fought on our side during the War for Independence. Though he did have his own interests to protect, so it wasn't all altruism. 

Later the British offered him $30,000 and a captaincy in the Royal Navy for his allegiance during the War of 1812. He pretended to agree but instead warned Louisiana officials of the danger. Then-governor W.C.C. Claiborne didn't believe him. Well, he wasn't exactly known for being an upstanding citizen. Instead, the governor sent troops that wiped out his pirate camps. Undeterred, and his profits still flowing, Lafitte offered his help to Gen. Andrew Jackson in return for a pardon for him and his men. The general need the help badly, so he accepted. With Lafitte's band of pirates, Jackson was victorious. Lafitte's status as an American hero became solid. 

Still, he returned to his old ways. The governor wasn't happy. Two fascinating facts:

  • Governor Claiborne offered a $500 bounty for Lafitte's capture. Lafitte, in turn, offered a $5000 bounty for the capture of the governor. Now that's some nerve. No one took him up on it, btw.
  • The governor did manage to run him out of Louisiana. Lafitte went west and established an island commune called Campeche and named himself governor. Today we know this place as Galveston, Texas. 

Jean Lafitte and legends about his hidden treasures are featured in my novel THIRD SIGHT INTO DARKNESS.

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