Greetings, my name is Danya Khelfa, founder of EduKitchen - Recipes for Learning. I have worked in education for nearly two decades having earned a Masters degree in Education in 2018, and I look forward to sharing my educational knowledge and experiences in inspiring others to succeed.

I would like to introduce you to my newly formed educational website and learning channel EduKitchen - Recipes for Learning and mention how it may benefit teachers, students, and parents in education.

The name EduKitchen was inspired from what the kitchen has to teach us. One important lesson the kitchen teaches us is in learning life skills we can cherish for a life time. 

EduKitchen was founded in 2020 as a means to shed new light on educational topics, mainly in the areas of Math Literacy, and English language. Through our website and learning channel, we share educational knowledge through our blogs and services, aimed at helping teachers and students inspire active teaching and learning in the online classroom. I say we, and not I because i would like to open my website to a greater network of educators in the coming years.

We help students and teachers to become the best version of themselves in reaching their educational goals by realizing potential, gained through confidence, enthusiasm, and patience to get where they are going. We also recognize that parents play an important role in helping teachers and students.

Our website is

Our learning channel is on YouTube. We can be found under the title EduKitchen - Educational - Recipes for Learning. Our videos are educational videos that can be shared in teacher training seminars or as a reference for teachers and students.

Want to learn more about EduKitchen? Visit our about page to learn why EduKitchen is right for you!

If you feel like EduKitchen - Recipes for Learning can bring benefits to your teachers, students, and parent communities, we would greatly appreciate you connecting with our website, so you can reference our articles and continue to receive support from EduKitchen services. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through this email, and I look forward to connecting with your organization to help motivate and inspire teachers, students, and parents, be the best they can be in achieving success in education. 

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