When I was a marketing consultant, I rode my bicycle to sss most clients. Now that I've taken a full-time job, I'm sadly driving to work. The upside is I've discovered a lot of cool podcasts. My regulars list includes Recode, Entrepreneur on Fire, Reply All, Under the Influence, and OV | Build. What are your favorites? Let me know. and I'll share them next week.

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Why Email Marketing is Better Than Social Media

While people are often overwhelmed by social media, they love their inboxes. Matt Harris offers up some insight into why email marketing beats social media every time.

What's Happening With Conversation Marketing?

Conversation marketing has been an interesting trend; the idea that companies - wait for it - talk to customers. In this podcast, Drift's Dave Gerhardt talks about why conversational marketing is such a big deal in 2019. 

The Best Way to Attract Website Trafic

Being active on social media, creating content and leveraging email are all good things to attract the spotlight. But how do you attract traffic? 40 experts weigh in. 

How to Grow Your Email List

Grow your email list in minutes! Sounds good, right? Jacinda Santora puts the spotlight on 16 simple ways to get more email subscribers in less than five minutes. 

Content Marketing That Works for Startups

Relatively speaking creating content is easy. The hard part is content that makes an impact. Julian Shapiro offers up advice on how startups can develop content that works, including the idea of writing fewer but more in-depth articles.

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Knowing Your Audience Inside Out

One of the keys to successful content marketing is knowing what your audiences want to read. Andrew Schulkind offers insight on the different way to discover the needs and interests of your target audiences.

Marketing Insight from Shopify's CMO

Shopify has established itself as the world's leading e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs. In this Openview Labs podcast, Shopify CMO Jeff Weiser talks about the company's approach to marketing and how it combines data with content.

What's Your Sign? Astrology Goes Digital

Do you check your horoscope on a regular basis? If so, good news: a growing number of VCs are investing in astrology apps such as Sanctuary and Co-Star.

The Inside Story of Zoom's Success

Zoom has not only become an ultra-popular video conference app but its IPO was extremely well received. Here's the inside story on founder Eric Yuan has turned Zoom into a company with sales of more than $300-million.


Take a Jumbo Approach to Privacy

As privacy becomes a bigger issue, there's a new app called Jumbo that makes it easy for people to access your privacy settings on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon.

An Alternative to Chrome

If you're into privacy, you might want to check Bravo, a new Web browser that is built on Chromium but doesn't allow Google to monitor what you're doing online. 

Oh, Canada!

Ottawa Makes Big Investment in Scaling

The federal government unveiled plans to invest $52.4-million in the Scale-Up Platform to support the growth of tech companies. The money will be deployed through Communitech, MaRS, and Invest Ottawa. 

Dream Maker Ventures Thinks Big

Dream Maker Ventures is looking to raise $75-million. It recently hired Danielle Graham as a principle. Dream Maker wants to invest in diverse, underrepresented and underestimated entrepreneurs.

iGan Partners Raises Another $50 Million

IGan Partners said its Fund I has raised another $50-million to invest in healthcare companies. iGan will focus its investments on digital health, medical devices, healthcare IT, and artificial intelligence. 


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