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"Be a lover not a fighter but always fight for what you love."

Hi , hope you're really well.

I wanted to talk about fighting for what you love today. I'm not just talking about love in the romantic sense. This is about you, your self-care, putting you as the priority.

Whatever your personal situation, if you don't actively take the time each day to take care of your needs first, you will not thrive as a person. I know that sounds harsh but if you're really honest with yourself and really consider the last few years of your life, who or what has been given the most of your time? I'm going to bet that it's work and or kids. Quite simply, it's a case of putting on your own oxygen mask first, then helping others.

This week, I want you to reflect on this statement and challenge yourself. For example, I wake up before everyone else in my house and even if for only 10 minutes, I take those 10 minutes to get to grips with my day, how I'm feeling and try to have a day with purpose. My purpose is usually accomplishing one thing. If I know I'm grouchy, my purpose is to ensure that my son and I do something fun or have fun - because it's not his fault I'm grouchy but I could very easily lose my sh&t with him! Then at the end of day, no matter what, so long as I have achieved this, I have taken care of myself and him. Or if it's a work day, I plan to achieve one thing and to leave on time because if I give work any more of me, that will tip me the other way to resent it.

The key point here is making an active choice based on checking in with myself. Ironically, I'm actually in need of a reset myself and whilst on the Retreat in Spain, I will be an active participant this time around. I haven't had a break this year, I haven't taken time away from my loves and work to reconnect and I could quite easily jump on the path to burnout. Knowing I have the outlet for this (the retreat) has been keeping me in check. It's the same I guess for how we plan our holidays for the year, if you know there's a marker to look forward to, it can keep you going. Rather than cling on to this however, adding small increments of time, just for you each day will build up in the long term so that when you do holiday, you holiday well by getting the R&R you need.

Are you holidaying? If you are I hope you're taking some time to just do a few things that you love. Have you seen my new programmes? There's now a range of ways you can work with me, so have a look and I hope to see you at one of them soon.

Lots of love




For the first Clarity Hour on Wednesday 7th August, I would like to offer Coach &GO members a special 241 price. So that's £15pp instead of £30pp. Bring a friend/colleague/partner along and get clear on some work-life balance goals. If you're feeling stuck about anything, want to make sure the year ends strong or just want to check in to see if you're doing the best for your wellbeing, this hour will give you some much needed insight and motivation.

To redeem the offer, just make one booking and two of you attend. I'm super excited about this, as it's a great way for us to meet each other and for you to see what I'm all about 🤗

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**Honesty alert**

I was unfortunately let down by a few people this month to attend so I have now brought the price of a twin space down to just £750pp. I would really love it if you can come, this is the best value for all that you will get. It will be an amazing opportunity for your to reset and get re-focussed to finish the year super strong!

Use this discount code at checkout: FURS475

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These are the core programmes I host to help with your goals. Every member of Coach &GO Mail will receive exclusive discounts to all my programmes. Just use the code associated with the programme when you checkout.

Defining Work-Life Balance
The Clarity Hour

Hosted once a month in London, The Clarity Hour cuts through all the wellness noise and helps you define what works for you and what you actually need to be doing in order for you to truly live well. Discount Code: CHM30

£30pp £45pp
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1 Day Intensive

A perfect blend of intensive coaching to get you moving towards your goals and some much needed self-care and pampering to relieve stress and bring you back to centre. 
Discount Code: FUW100

£550pp £650pp
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Transformation Programme

This 6 week programme is ideal if you have lots on your plate, are trying to juggle work and family life, trying to achieve your personal goals as well as improve your wellness but are either confused about what to do, what’s working or want to know how to move your goals forward.

**1/2 PRICE SPECIAL** Discount Code: FU6M50

£625pp £1,250pp
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4th - 9th September

5 nights Yoga, Pilates & Coaching. Escape the stresses of daily life, balance your mind and body and re-treat yourself to better well-being. Rate below is for a place in a twin room.

Discount Code: FURS480

£750pp £932pp
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I'm here for you hun.  

Lots of love xx

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