CDP stoush in Ngukurr as Yugul Mangi accuses Roper council of price gouging

[Jane Bardon, ABC]

The Yugul Mangi Aboriginal Corporation, which won the contract to deliver the CDP in Ngukurr in July, has accused the Roper Gulf Regional Council — which recently lost the CDP contract — of grossly overcharging for a shed it uses to run the program.

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The christian converts who are setting fire to sacred Aboriginal objects

[Erin Parke, ABC]

An investigation by Background Briefing has uncovered dramatic scenes in the Kimberley region, where Aboriginal followers of a Tongan-born preacher have set fire to artefacts considered sacred by many local elders, and dismantled and burned a spiritual law ground.

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Human health risk in outback dogs

Supplied by Flinders Uni

Stronyloidiasis, carried by several kinds of Strongyloides spp., is estimated to infect up to 370 million people around the world, mainly in places with poor sanitation in developing or disadvantaged communities.

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Receiving culturally appropriate support at university

supplied by PM&C

Getting extra support at university can mean the difference between success and failure, especially when you start your degree late in life like Gubbi Gubbi man Alan Fenwick.

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