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Weekly Newsletter September 11th

Hello  ,

I have a new BLOG POST for you to read this week and it's all about developing a more holistic approach to your blog or business & how you can adapt this to reduce stress on yourself.

New post on blog: 9 Important Reasons to Change your Business Strategy


1. HANDLING FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

I'm going to share how to never feel FOMO (or almost always never feel it). FOMO happens because of one primary reason: Comparison-itis.

Yep, it's a real word. Okay, even if it isn't, let's pretend it is ;)

The reason you feel FOMO is because you're always comparing yourself to how other people (in your niche) are landing clients/ projects/ collaborations or how they are writing/blogging while you aren't.

First, STOP. Breathe.

Now, ask yourself, what really matters to you? Creating content and connecting with people? Or comparing yourself to others?

Which is more proactive? Working on your goals or comparing your progress with someone else?

Here's what you have to do to get rid of FOMO:

A) Limit your time on social media to 1 hour a day across all channels. If it's a single channel, make it 15 minutes ONLY.

B) Post your content, engage with a few people and LEAVE.

C) Identify your triggers and stay away from them.

D) Ask yourself  this aloud: "Who Benefits the MOST from MY hard work?" (Spoiler alert: it's you)

E) Remind yourself of this Statement: My Journey is my own. I have NO idea what other people are doing. What they post on social media is a slice of their day; not all of it.

F) End the day with ONE thing you're grateful for, every night. Just One Thing. (I highly doubt you're going to say that you're grateful for social media)

Once you start focusing on working on what matters or putting in the smart work that helps you move forward, you will have ZERO time to worry about what other people are doing. Guaranteed.

2. How to finish what you start

This is particularly important to remember as the final quarter arrives in October. 

The #1 reason you rarely finish anything is because you tend to get distracted by the next shiny object. It's human (or to be honest, it's more cat-like). Learn to gently, firmly set the distraction aside and work on what matters.

This article on how to avoid shiny object syndrome may help. 

Extra reading credit on the topic:  5 Ways to Finish what you start and Why you Often Don't

3. Prune your Social Media Channels further

Last week, I told you how I managed to scale down my Twitter following. This week, I've been working on my Instagram Following too. I've brought it down to around 550 people that I follow, but even that feels like a lot. Working on bringing it down even further.


You can prune your following but you can choose to stay connected on social media. It's important to connect with your readers, your clients, your network and be supportive.

That could be on Instagram, FB or Twitter. This is key to building trust in you and your content in the long run. You can also pick JUST one channel and make that your focus. No reason to spread yourself thin.

Check out my 90 day Social Media plan. It's free!

5) DO you Really Need Social Media?

On the other hand, if social media really isn't your cup of tea, you don't have to focus on it. 

Instead here are two things you should focus on instead of social media.

Always in service,


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Shailaja V, Blogging & Social Media Consultant

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