Do you know what gift to get the runner on your list this holiday season? Today I want to talk about running/fitness related gifts and stocking stuffers.

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December 16, 2018 Newsletter

A Runners Wish List

Christmas will be here before we know it. If you're like me you're still frantically trying to get everything ready. If you're already prepared and just waiting for the big day e-mail me your secrets! I could use the tips and advice! This week on social media I've been asking you what's on your holiday wish list for running gifts and stocking stuffers. You had so many great ideas. Even if all of your holiday shopping is done I hope this newsletter will give you a few ideas on gear you might want to stock up on in 2019.

I think stocking stuffers or even a shoe box full of running accessories is an easy and useful gift for the runner on your list. I avoid buying clothing gifts for runners unless I have a specific url link because just like there's no one right shoe for all runners clothing fits all of us differently. We also all have different preferences. For that reason I won't be adding clothes or shoes on my runners holiday wish list but remember you can always get a gift card for the runner on your list to buy these items themselves.

Let's start with stocking stuffers for runners. You could also put these items in a shoe box for the runner on your list. If you know the person is going away for a destination race you could also do a theme box. How fun would a run Disney gift box be.

Stocking Stuffers:

  • Running socks, I don't think runners ever have enough running socks.
  • Training log/journal. I'm a big fan of planning ahead and tracking things on paper. I like to be able to look back and track my progress.
  • Fuels/gels. This is a good opportunity to buy a bunch of different options. You can then test out all the options on a long run and see what works best for you.
  • Running hat/buff. Let's be honest, when we run we sweat. You can always use fresh headgear!
  • Lip balm. When we are training for long distances we are out running for hours. Lip balm can help prevent chapped lips.
  • Sunscreen/bug spray. Sometimes we forget how necessary these items are when we are running.
  • Body glide. No runner wants chaffing! 
  • LED clip on lights, knuckle lights or reflective tape. Bottom line when you're running people need to see you!
  • Shoe laces. There's tons of options out there.
  • Motivational bracelets. These help you support your runner even when you aren't there.
  • Road ID or emergency contact gear. When we are out running we don't usually have id with us. Safety first, it's extremely important to have your emergency contact on your person when you're running.
  • Hand warmers. These are great for cold weather running. You can also find reusable ones so you're not always throwing them out
  • Gloves. This could be nice running gloves or the cheap knit ones that can be used to throw away on race day.
  • Starbucks or coffee gift cards. Who doesn't like to end their run with a warm drink?
  • And I have to add this based on all the tweets I got. Nuun. The tubes will fit nicely in a stocking and also help keep you hydrated over the holidays.

Any of the above stocking stuffers could be combined into a gift basket or bag for the runner on your list. There are also some great gifts you can get the runner on your list.

  • Gift cards. This was the number one gift idea for runners tweeted to me this week. It could be for a running store or fitness store.
  • Race entries or gift cards for races. Every runner wants to run more races than they can afford to register for. Helping with race entries can help the runner on your list meet their racing goals.
  • Subscriptions to online running or fitness services. Services like strava are popular with runners. If you know the runner on your list uses strava or another service this is a great option.
  • Fitness equipment. This would depend on the person on your list but there's tons of options from sliding discs, resistance bands, weights or a foam roller.
  • Coaching, either one on one or group coaching. Yes I know I'm a coach and I'm biased but coaching, or personal training will help improve your training. Especially if you're new, or newer to running. Giving a gift card for coaching is the gift of knowledge and support.

Hopefully that gives you lots of ideas for the runner on your list. It might even give you some ideas on how to spend your Christmas money or gift card. If you have anything else you'd add to the list send me a tweet @srunsfitness

Weekly Challenge: Mindfulness

The holiday's are a busy and stressful time. There's lots of family commitments and obligations. Family gathering can also be tense and stressful depending on your family. We also put a lot of stress on ourselves to live up to our expectations of the holidays. This week I'm challenging you to practice mindfulness. This can be extremely helpful both before and after any stressful event. Mindfulness is all about being present and aware.

Try to take five to ten minutes every day this week to be present, and be in the moment. You can find videos on youtube, or an app to help guide you through a mindfulness practice.

If you don't want to follow a guided mindfulness practice either sit or lay down in a quiet room and focus on your breath. Every time your mind wonders bring it right back to your breath. This can be harder than it seems but keep at it!

As always send me an e-mail or tweet and let me know how you find this. 

My Fitness Holiday Wish List

We've talked about a lot of gift options for the runners on your list but what's on my list? What would I want to see wrapped under the tree? Full disclosure some of these items I already have but if you don't you might want to look into them.

  • TRX: This can go anywhere with you and can be used in tight space/locations. It can be hooked over a door or secured to a tree if you're at a park. You'll get a great workout and this equipment stands up to wear.
  • A Running Watch: As you progress with your running being able to track and program in workouts will give you the tools and data to take your training to the next level.
  • Essentrics DVDs: I'm a huge fan of the essentrics workout. Having a couple of dvds on hand will help make sure you can get your workout in.

I could go on but those items in my opinion will help improve your training. Let me know if you already use these items or if you're thinking of getting them.

Next week I'm talking about goal setting for 2019. Send me any questions you have!

If you're looking for a strength training plan geared for runners check out my Training Peak's store. I have several plans up for sale and am always adding more.

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