Book notes from "Essentialism".
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Hey there,

I've spent so much time reading books this year and so little time processing what I have read. My way of processing a book is going through my notes and writing them up in a blog post. 

So, this week, you get my latest book notes, which are more inspirational in nature than the usual "Howto"-style tutorial. I hope you enjoy!



P.S.: If you have reached out to me via email lately, I didn't answer. Turns out that I had forgotten to copy the MX records when I changed DNS servers and I didn't receive any emails in the last two months. Please try again now. I was wondering why my inbox was so silent... .

Book Notes on "Essentialism"

I've read "Essentialism" because I'm doing way too much and wanted some tipps on how to find out what I really want to do. The book is really insipirational and I took away some concrete actions. Read more in by book notes.

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And here are this week's links to other interesting topics I found:


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