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I have to tell you, I'm super determined to deliver these episodes asap! I've been hustling to get this episode done before I leave on Friday. Coincidentally, I'll be heading to Weston, Florida to the Florida Nature and Culture Center and I can't wait! I'll be about an hour away from where My Two Husbands takes place and my flat iron will be used in vain. Look out for frizzy-haired pics on my Instagram!  

Again, I want to thank all of you for participating in the story with your votes. I'm learning so much about you and what you want to read! Truth be told, I'm trying not to take it so seriously and just have fun with it. So if it seems a little silly at times, that's why. But I hope you're enjoying the fun.

Now with a story titled, My Two Husbands, you know there's going to be a wedding and guess what? You're invited!

If you don't remember what happened in episode 5, here's a quick recap (WARNING! Spoilers from Ep. 5!!):

When Jake accidentally walks in on Natalie naked, it's totally awkward. But the timing could not be worse. After a few cold criticisms on both ends, Jake storms out of the house. Natalie's priority is to get to Kyle's office and apologize her ass off. But does it work? 

Back in the past . . .

Things really heat up when a kitchen fire breaks out in Jake's apartment while he's making out with Natalie on the sofa. Of course something like this would happen. Jake needs a place to stay for the night and so he ends up in Natalie's bed. 

Now it's time to fast forward to Jake and Natalie's wedding day. Will Kyle show up to support the union? Find out now on My Two Husbands- Episode Six!

Episode Five


Kyle stares at me from the other side of his desk and opens his mouth to speak. But he shakes his head, remaining speechless.

“What were you going to say?” I ask, desperate for anything.

He sucks in a deep inhale. “Look, you came all the way down here and I know you’re sorry. But it’s not just that you called someone else’s name, it’s that you said his name.”

“I know. And I totally get it, but like I said, it didn’t mean anything. You know nothing is happening between us, right?”

“Yes, I know the guy hasn’t seen you naked in years,” he starts and I gulp with wide eyes. Do I tell him about this morning or will that innocent mishap make everything ten times worse? “But you were married to the guy and I know you still care about him. I think there’s a part of me that’s always been afraid that once he gets his shit back together, you’ll go running back to him. And that I’m nothing but a rebound marriage. So the fact that you said his name after we celebrated his new job, it just . . .” Kyle lowers his eyes and my heart aches at the idea that there was ever a seed of doubt in his mind.

“I had no idea you felt that way.”

“Well, it’s not the kinda thing you want to share.”

“Kyle listen, if I had any feelings left for Jake, any at all, I never would have married you. And I definitely wouldn’t have let him live in our loft.”

“We never should have taken him in.” He wrinkles his brow the way he does when he’s made any kind of mistake. “But I’m his best friend and I married his ex-wife. What kind of person does that make me?”

“We knew this could get messy and we did it anyway. But if it makes you feel any better, you did ask me out first.”

He scoffs. “Yeah, and you ditched me for him.” We all know that’s not exactly how it went down. Kyle has always acted cool about it but maybe it’s still a sore subject.

“Honey, what can I do? I’ll do anything to make this right.”

“There’s only one thing to do.” He pauses. What is it? Break up? Make up? Run away to the happiest place on earth—two and a half hours away in Orlando? “Jake needs to go. Now that he has a good job, we don’t have to feel bad about it,” he lets out finally. Not what I was expecting, but I completely agree. Jake needs to be out of the house. I just wish I knew why the idea feels like a stab in the gut?

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“I’m glad you agree because I think you need to be the one to tell him?”

“Me?” I blurt.

“You’re his ex-wife. It’ll be better coming from you.” That may be true, but it’s more than that. This is my punishment. I have to hammer the final nail in the coffin of my divorce.

I lower my eyes and nod. “Okay, I’ll tell him.”


Damn, we can’t at least wait until Friday? “Fine but if I tell him today, will you forgive me?”

“Yes, I forgive you,” he says and I let out a long, relieved sigh. “I just hope I can forget.” His cold words twist my gut. Who knows if there can ever be forgiveness without forgetness, but hopefully Jake being out of our house will be a good start.

Kyle doesn’t give me any warm gestures—no touch of a hand, kiss, or hug when I head out of his office.

On a scale of one to ten, one being he asks for a divorce and ten being him showering me with forgiving love, I’d say that encounter was a four. I’m hoping after I talk to Jake, it’ll move up to at least a five.

As I make my way back down the hall, a familiar pair walks in my direction. It can’t be. I blink my eyes and shake my head. Yep, it’s them all right.

“Mr. & Mrs. Delure, what are you two doing here?”

“Ah, Natalie. We’re looking for a new stockbroker. What are you doing here?”

Sometimes I wish they’d look for a new real estate agent. “My husband works here.”

“Oh really? Your husband isn’t Kyle Landon is he?”

I swallow hard. “Yes, actually he is.” Oh no. After what I’ve put Kyle through, I would not want to subject him to a long, arduous client relationship with these two. That’s the nice thing about real estate. When you sell a home, you’re done. When you buy a stock . . . well, that’s just the beginning.

Mr. Delure makes a somewhat disgruntled huff. “Is that right? I just hope he’s better at picking investments then you are at picking homes.”

I clench my fist, this close to saying, “fuck ‘em, buy or buh-bye!” But now everything I do and say could affect Kyle.

Great, that’s just freaking great!

“I think you’ll find Kyle to be an extremely competent stock broker.”

“Yes, he does come highly recommended,” Mrs. Delure offers. That’s good to know. “But so did you.”

That’s it! “Fu—” Don’t do it, Natalie. “Fudge, I’m late for an appointment. I have to go. It was nice running into you. I’ll see you both this weekend.” I bid the Delures a tightened jaw goodbye and get the hell out of there.

So far, this is shaping up to be a pretty shitty day. And there’s only one thing that cures a crappy day. Okay, two things, but I blew one of those options last night when I opened my big, bad mouth.

So snickers it is.

I stop at the first convenient store I see for an iced tea and my beloved candy bar. Too bad I can’t just keep them in the glove compartment. But there’s no way in hell it’d keep its delicious shape in this south Florida heat.

I sit in my car in the parking lot, chowing down on my chocolate relief. Jake isn’t going to be surprised when I tell him he has to move out, especially after this morning. Telling him to go will be the easy part. But what happens after he’s gone? Is he going to take Lily part time per our shared custody agreement? Will I ever see him? Is Kyle’s next idea to keep us apart forever? Will Kyle stop being Jake’s best friend? Maybe I’m way over thinking it but at the same time . . . how else did we expect this whole thing to go? In a way, we were all idiots. How could our friendships survive this whole thing?




Sloan sits on my bed while I slather my legs with my overpriced jasmine scented lotion. The floral prints on her dress are so colorful, they brighten the entire room. “Now Natalie, don’t take this the wrong way but as your maid of honor I have to ask. Are you sure you want to marry Jake? I mean you’re barely twenty-four. Don’t you want to sow your wild oats a little more? You’ve got at least another four years with that metabolism.”

She makes some good points. And from the outside, it sounds just as crazy to me too. But I don’t know what it is. Jake just makes me want to get married. He even makes me want a family someday. Me with kids! Insane!

You know what they say; the heart wants what the heart wants. And that’s not the only part of me that wants Jake. “Yes, I definitely want to marry him. I can’t wait to make it official actually.”

“Is that why we’re headed to the courthouse?” Sloan sneers for a moment, then her eyes shift back and forth. “Wait, are you pregnant?”

I laugh and fasten on my white gold teardrop earrings. “No, I’m not. And we’re going to the courthouse to save money. Do you have any idea what a traditional wedding costs?”

She crosses her arms. “Let me guess, is it the down payment on this new house you’re buying?”

“Yes.” The marriage is definitely a desire of my not-so-sensible side. But the rest of me is practical as hell. About six months after Jake and I hooked up, he moved in. What can I say the guy’s good with his tools. He fixed up my little house in place of his portion of the rent, which saved me thousands overall. My real estate business has grown quarter after quarter and because of it, Jake’s been getting referral business from me. He’s so busy, he may have to leave his full-time construction gig to go solo. With the extra cash flow, Jake bought me a ring, and now we’re buying a bigger house. I’ll be renting out this one. So who needs a wedding when you can have a rental property?

“And you’re not even taking a honeymoon?” Sloan whines.

“We’re going to the Keys.”

She scoffs. “That’s not a honeymoon. That’s spring break.”

“No, Daytona Beach is spring break.” I pull at the sash on my robe.

“Fine, it’s your wedding day so I’m not going to argue with you.”

I smirk. “Good, now help me zip up this dress.”

Sloan climbs off the bed. I slip into a white, knee-length summer dress, the kind you wear in the afternoon on a cruise ship. Once it’s zipped up, I take a look at myself in the full-length mirror. Not bad for a JP wedding.

“Where’s my gorgeous bride?” Jake busts through the door dressed in khaki pants and a starched white button down.

“Hey, it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding,” Sloan yells, stepping in between me and Jake.

I nudge her to step aside. “It’s okay, bad luck follows us anyway.”

In the year and a half we’ve been together, we’ve had our car broken into, while we were screwing in the backseat. A tornado touched down during a tropical storm and took out one of my new construction listings that Jake was working on. And the ice cream shop is almost always out of the snickers blend. Needless to say, we’re used to crazy shit happening. But despite all of that, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Ever. And I owe a lot of that to my very sexy and strong fiancé.

Jake wraps his arms around me and gives me a slow passionate kiss. I love the way he smells when he’s freshly showered with a splash of aftershave. I can’t wait to get him all dirty again later.  

“Ugh, get a room,” Sloan gripes.

“This is our room,” Jake says, his lips still attached to mine and I giggle.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll meet you guys there.” She shuts the bedroom door behind her as Jake slowly lowers my zipper.

Usually, that scratching noise fills me with anticipation. But this time, we’re gonna have to wait. “Babe, we have to go get married.”

“I know, but can’t we do this first.” He sprinkles kisses on my neck all the way to my ear where he stops for a little nibble.

Damn, it drives me crazy when he does that.

I push him off and he looks surprised. He’s not used to me rejecting him anymore. “Jake, it’s one thing to get married at the courthouse, it’s another to do it with sex hair. This isn’t Vegas.”

“C’mon, with this humidity, everyone has sex hair.” I shoot him a wry look and he relents. “Fine, let’s go get married.”


Sloan and Kyle stand outside in the shade of the building. Kyle looks almost as handsome as Jake in his sky blue shirt and gray slacks. Jake’s best man doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings about our union. In fact, any time it gets brought up, Kyle makes light of it. Besides, he’s been settling in with a girl of his own. Not Christine, the waitress from our date, but another junior investment broker at his firm named Elise. She’ll meet us at the beach bar later.

“You look beautiful,” Kyle offers.

“Thank you, Kyle. I’m glad you’re here.” I lean up on my toes and give him a small peck on his cheek.

“Of, course. I’m so happy for you guys. I never thought there’d be any woman who could wrangle in Jake.” This statement might put some future-wives off, but the same thing could be said about me so . . .  

Finally, after waiting longer than I hoped, we stand in front of the justice of the peace facing one another. Sloan and Kyle support us with smiles as our personal witnesses. But I’m so into Jake that our friends and the entire room fall away. You wouldn’t know it, but Jake is a total romantic. It was his idea to write our own vows. We each pull out a folded sheet of lined paper. His yanked from a spiral notebook and mine cut clean from a legal pad.

I blush and clear my throat with the tiniest of sounds. “I never wanted to get married because I never thought I’d meet someone who exhilarates and grounds me. Sometimes in the same moment. I thought someone who wants what I want . . . the way I want it was just a fantasy. But you’re real. You’ve awakened a part of me that I didn’t even know existed. And so today I make a vow to live true to my awakened self and to be true to you and with you. I will love you fiercely forever and support you on whatever journey life leads you. I will be by your side from today forward. I love you, Jake Bruno.”

Jake smiles and whispers back, “I love you too, Quinn.” Then he unfolds his paper, his hands trembling just a little. “I always thought I was living. I was happy. But it wasn’t until you that I became truly alive and ridiculously happy. I love everything about what we have together—the way you look at me in the morning, the way we make love after a fight, the way your hands fit so perfectly in mine. I want to be the one to hold your hand for the rest of our lives. I promise to be everything a man should be to his wife—loyal, loving, and above all things, fun.”

Now, tears spill down my cheeks, which is not a normal reaction for me at weddings. But when I look into Jake’s soulful brown eyes, all I can think is that despite all the crazy shit bad luck, ironically, I’m the luckiest woman in the world.


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