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Sunday 17th May 2020

Your weekly newsletter from Yeadon Methodist Church

Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well. As I write to you, I am trying to work out what day it is. Having been in lockdown for so long now I’m beginning to refer to every day as ‘Blurday’. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you how things are for me eight weeks into our new normal.

As many of you know I’m an extrovert and I admit that I miss the interaction that is required to gain my energy! This is something which I anticipated once news of lockdown happened. I have learnt several things over the past weeks however and I share some of them with you now.

I’ve learnt that it’s ok to feel vulnerable and to reach out and to ask for help if you need to. It’s not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of strength.

I’ve learnt that I prefer the expression ‘physical distancing’ rather than ‘social distancing’. I along with many others I know are inundated with zoom meetings and zoom quizzes and the like. I’m just as social all be it in a different way.

On the subject of zoom I’ve learnt that as the weeks go on it’s been wise to move the laptop further away from me for video calls. By doing this less people can see what a bad job I made of cutting my own hair…

I’ve learnt that I miss meeting together in the Church building, but I’ve also learnt that the Church is still very much alive and is evident in the love that is being shared among the congregations and the communities.

I’ve learnt that however we feel, God understands and will stay with us to strengthen, guide, empower and comfort us.

I found the poem below and found it helpful I pray you may too.

Every Blessing to you,


Cum invocarem - a response to Psalm 4

Till troubles cease and only joys remain

Take refuge in the shelter of his love

Who hears your call and feels with you your pain

Who does not keep his distance, high above

But brings his light into your little room

Nestles and settles with you like the dove

In its familiar dovecote. From the womb

Of Mary, to her house in Nazareth,

From the upper chamber to the empty tomb

He comes to share with you your every breath

And to commune with you. To every heart,

That opens to him he will bring new birth,

For every ending offer a new start.

Lie down in peace and trust and take your rest

Safe in the love of one who’ll never part.

Malcolm Guite

Your Sunday Worship

This week's worship resources are based on John 14: 15-21.

Click on the images below to hear Deacon Jenny - and then 'Come Down, O Love Divine' from Songs of Praise

The promise of the Holy Spirit
This week's hymn: 'Come Down, O Love Divine'

Don't forget to Zoom this morning !

A reminder that you're invited to join in our virtual coffee time today at 11.30am. Deacon Jenny will be your genial host and it's a great opportunity to chat and see how we're all getting on in this strange new world !

You'll need to sign up to Zoom (it's free to use) at www.zoom.us or you can download the Zoom app on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

For those without internet access, you can use your landline to phone 0131 460 1196 and join the conversation (sound only).

Whichever way you join, you'll need to enter the meeting ID number which is 966 5689 7103.

If you're new to Zoom - what better way to break your duck ?! You'll certainly be amongst friends ! We look forward to seeing you !

If you encounter problems - email roger.smith@methodist.org.uk

Congratulations to Judith Emsley on her special birthday today. We hope she & Marjorie can have a "knees up" together in the house, making sure their Zoom connection is turned off.

Love & Best wishes to Joyce Doyle who celebrates her birthday tomorrow on the 18th & to Audrey Pitchfork, in Adel who is 93 on Tuesday.

Apologies to June Turner whose birthday was last Friday. Hope you were not too busy at work, June, that you couldn't enjoy your day. ( Perhaps you & Rachel sang Happy Birthday to each other at a safe social distance.)

Early notice of Richard Headley's birthday next Sunday, the 24th & Edith Pratt's on the 27th.

Otley bible study: each week Lesley Taylor is producing brief but challenging bible study notes on the lectionary Gospel passage. If you’d like to receive the notes by email, please contact her at lesleytaylor221@gmail.com

Sadly we record the death of our friend, Georgina Coates, who died last week in her Headingly Care Home aged 95. 

Georgina lived for many years in Lane Fox Court & worshipped with us every week. She was a faithful member of the Ladies Fellowship & in earlier years the Young Wives group. 

We hold her son, Chris, & his family in our prayers at this difficult time. We thank Audrey Thompson who continued to visit Georgina in her Care Home, before the "lock down" & kept us up to date with how Georgina was progressing.

News (& pics) from the Church Maintenance Team:

As Church is closed we have decided to take advantage of the lack of activity and arrange to carry out some maintenance work. We have started with the sanding and varnishing of Hardwick Hall floor which is a great improvement as you will see from the before & after photos and it should also be easier to clean.

Scaffolding has been erected in preparation for some repointing of external walls to start on Monday and reroofing of the vestibule the following week. 

We will also be carrying out some electrical work including PAT testing of all portable appliances so if anyone has anything they bring to Church from home please let me know so we can test it.

Cliff Festival is trying something new and is moving online. Taking place May 22-25, it is offering worship, seminars, challenges, prayer, teaching and more for all ages. 

This is the place to be over the bank holiday. Join Festival online here or on YouTube.

Anyone else having hair problems in lockdown ?


I now have a copy of the answers to this year's Marshall Quiz. If anyone would like a copy please let me know and I will do my best to let you have one.

The 2020 Marshall Quiz - on the theme of "America" - will be available in the Autumn.

Marjorie Emsley

Spring by Ethan Brown, aged 8. 

(Terry & Linda Blackburn's grandson)

Thank You to Susan Barker for the VE Day display which she set up before the 8th in our outer foyer.

And Pam Smith would like to thank all those who sent cards and messages for her birthday last Monday. Special thanks to her secretary Eric who supplied contact details on occasions.

And finally ... this week I spotted exactly the same crossword clue for an eleven letter word in two different newspapers.

Coincidence ?

Keeping in touch

This newsletter is published every Sunday. Please help us to reach as many people as possible by forwarding this to anyone you think might like to read it.

And if you would either like a copy direct and/or would like to contribute something to it, then please email me at andrew@itslearningcurve.co.uk

Yeadon Methodist Church

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