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Bloom 11 — Week of December 4, 2020

Funky Jelly Fungus

I found this stick at the park with weird things on it that looked like raisins. We took a picture and looked it up to discover that it's called "jelly fungus". It was pretty dry and they will grow much jellier in the spring, becoming plump and shiny as shown here.

Poison Ivy
Pencil Party 01

Each month we are aiming to publish creative writing prompts through our Pencil Party project. Challenges include vocabulary words and different narrative styles. This month you'll be introduced to your new self, Chris the chicken! We hope you enjoy figuring out how to get your hands on a hoverboard.

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Cutie pie, awww
Baby otter on back in blue container of water
Graphic of zombie goldfish
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Lego Bookshop

I am working on the second building to this set right now and it is already my favorite. There are a lot of cute details like a pet chameleon in the apartment and a winding staircase. 


Graphic of Luigi
Great game
Game & Watch

My dad played this game a lot when he was little. It's a tiny game system you can take anywhere but is very hard to beat. The castles are my favorite part.


〰 Video Vibes 〰

This starfish gets a little jump in its step as it speeds up to get food.

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🍪 Snackies 🍪

These vegan orange n' cream pops from GoodPop are my new favorite popsicle flavor and hard to share.

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