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During this time when we are at home, our team is thinking of you! We have counseled patients, written blogs offer Facebook Live M-F @ 12:00 noon  to educate you on ways to stay physically and emotionally healthy and balanced. We are here for you! Let us know how you are doing and how we can support you!


MONDAY - FRIDAY @ 12:00 noon

Monday 4/6 - Karen Siegel Propis - Acupressure for Lung Health

Tuesday 4/7 - Julie Shindler-Cohen- Balancing and strengthening your digestive health

Wednesday 4/8 - Kat Barber-Essential Oils/Acupressure for Immune and Emotional Support

Thursday 4/9 - Jennifer Pillow-White - How to exercise the diaphragm

Friday 4/10 - Monica Mae Leibson - 6 Healing Sounds in TCM

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The Vagus Nerve and the Relationship to Anxiety

by Jennifer Pillow-White

Stress is an everyday experience. It can be mild or severe. It can be real or perceived. Regardless of the cause, the reaction in our body is always the same. Our heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and senses escalate and the digestion stalls.  These steps help us to get out of harm’s way. This is the “fight or flight” component of our nervous system.

The vagus nerve and the relationship to anxiety
Nature and the 5 elements

by Kat Barber

According to TCM principles, there are Five Elements in nature with corresponding seasons, organ systems and emotions. We are all a reflection of both the Five Elements and nature, by embodying the same relationships within ourselves that occur in nature. 

Balancing our body in times of stress
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