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Dear Friends,

Chris & Lisa Cree at Locharron

We are rapidly moving through the month of June and so much has happened since we sent out our May newsletter last month. We are continuing to move forward in the work God called Lisa and I to do in Scotland. Plus, we are about half way through our annual trip back to the United States. And what an adventure this trip has been already!

In the photo at the right Lisa and I are joined by James Joseph, our very first graduate from Charis Dumfries. James completed the third year leadership program this year.

First School Year Complete

Combined Charis students from Oklahoma City and Dumfries

Perhaps the biggest thing to happen since our last newsletter is that we completed the first school year for Charis Bible College Dumfries. Jesus instructs us to go and make disciples of all nations. God assigned NewCREEations to focus on the nation of Scotland in particular. And Charis is the primary tool we have been equipped with to begin discipling the nation. Getting the Charis location up and running in Scotland has been the primary focus for Lisa and I for the past few years now.

So I’m sure you can imagine what a powerfully emotional day it was for the two of us to have the privilege to promote all 16 of our first year students into the second year of Charis as well as graduate James Joseph, our third year student.

Pastors John and Susan Donnelly were able to be part of our local promotion day. Not only do they pastor Glen Aros Church in Dumfries, but John Donnelly is also on the board of Andrew Wommack Ministries Europe, which oversees all of the Charis locations in the United Kingdom, including ours in Dumfries. It was an honor for the school and for the students to have them share with us at our local promotion celebration.

Grace and Faith Conference

Rich and Dorothy Van Winkle and Lisa and Chris Cree

Twelve of our students were able to make the trip down to Telford, England and attend the regional Charis graduation and promotion ceremony on the Saturday. It was the first time that all the schools in the UK came together for a joint graduation and promotion ceremony. Students from each of the four UK locations walked the stage and were able to shake Andrew Wommack’s hand.

There were a total of 240 students from all the locations who were present to walk the stage that day. Everyone we spoke to agreed that it was another very powerful day of unity in the UK region for Charis.

One of our Dumfries students mentioned that he knew in the abstract sense that Charis was bigger than our location in Dumfries. But attending the Grace and Faith conference with over 3,000 other people, and mingling with the students from the other Charis locations helped him come to understand at the heart level that he really is part of something far bigger that God is doing in the world today.

Scottish Coast

A few of our students got a special treat after the conference was over. After the last day of the conference and nearly everyone had gone home, Lisa and I were with some of our students when they had an opportunity to have a brief conversation with Andrew Wommack in the lobby of the conference center. Andrew is a genuinely approachable person and he had some very encouraging words to say over the students.

Trip to America

Charis Dumfries 2018 Students

Not long after we returned to Scotland, Lisa and I flew out for our annual trip to the USA. We stayed in a hotel in Denver the first night. On the way down stairs to breakfast the next morning, Lisa and I got stuck in the elevator!

It was only about 40 minutes total before we were rescued by the Denver Fire Department. But that made for an exciting way to start our trip to the States! Neither of us ever got stuck in an elevator before. Fortunately it didn’t take long to get out, and we weren’t in a hurry anyway.

Lisa and I were able to attend the Sowers Seminar the Andrew Wommack hosted at the main Charis location in Woodland Park, Colorado. However, there are two other main focuses for our time in Colorado.

Scottish Coast

The main reason we come to the USA at this particular time is to attend the meeting of all the Charis directors from around the world. Next week we have four days of meetings with the directors. The other big thing we are doing during this trip is meeting with a great many of our friends and ministry partners for NewCREEations.

For example, we are with Chris and Donna Barnard in the photo at the right. Not only are they Charis classmates of ours, but Chris is the coordinator for the third year Business School at the main Charis campus in Woodland Park.

In addition to all the various meetings with friends and partners, Lisa and I will be speaking at a couple local churches here:

If you happen to be in the area one of these Sundays, why not join us at their regular meeting times? And if you do, please be sure to mention that you get our newsletter!

On July 3rd we leave Colorado for Wisconsin to attend a family wedding. We will be there about a week before we fly to Virginia to see my mom. If you remember from last summer, it’s been about a year since my dad passed away. So we felt it was important to see my mother before we head back to Scotland on July 15th.

Once we are back in Scotland, we will begin gearing up for the new school year in the Fall!

Prayers and Support

Scottish Flag

Lisa and I are very grateful for your prayers and support as we continue to do the work God calls us into on behalf of Scotland and the people there. We are believing that God will provide the funds needed to pay for this time in the USA along with everything he is asking us to accomplish.


Abundant Blessings,


Chris & Lisa Cree

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