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Micos FibeRoad solution

FibeRoad system is the new fibre management system for the use in distribution boxes, street cabinets or high capacity cabinets. It’s highly adaptable stacking system and is suitable for both fibre distribution and direct patching. It supports all fibre types and is ideal for GPON solutions.

FibeRoad is an intuitive fibre management solution that makes light work of installation, provides easy access and incredibly simple inspection.   

To find out how FibeRoad can be used please use the links below to access product data sheets and more detailed information.

Click here for more information and download datasheet


MDP OZ 24/48, 48/96, 72/144

The optical pillar box MDP OZ 24/48, 48/96, 72/144 is an external cabinet designed for the placement of 24/48/72 SC connectors or 48/96/144 LC connectors. The pillar is remarkably easy to install using a trenching method and is supplied ready to accept the fibre management system of your choice.  It is the ideal host for the FibeRoad fibre management system and is recommended for spliced GPON networks.

  • Compact solution (footprint 264x245 mm)
  • Modular pillar height based on the maximum capacity
  • Three-point lock door
  • Duct holder in the basement
  • Cable rings for placing cable reserves
  • Hingeable/detachable splicing/patching plate
  • FibeRoad system
  • Possibility of adding trays as your network grows
  • Possibility of placing PLC splitters in the management (outside the trays)
  • Possibility to combine trays KM 4, KM 5, KM 6
  • Trays KM 4 and KM 6 for 24 splices
  • Tray KM 5 for 12 SC or 24 LC connectors
  • Optional ribbon splice holders
  • Possibility of loop cable
  • Max. 4 pcs PLC Splitters ABS
Click here for more information and download datasheet
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