Join me for No One Eats Alone Day Dinner

 Friday Feb 18/02/2022 (Live) 6.00 pm in The Gut Academy Club

Remember: Queensland (AEST) does NOT do daylight savings.

FebYOUary Gut Club

It is about celebrating love which I think is a beautiful thing to celebrate.

We should honestly celebrate love more often and the world would look very different.

Today, make time to do things just for you - loving and caring for yourself the way you love and care for others.

Love every part of you that makes you YOU, and this love will be reflected to you.

Here is Your Shopping List

MENU – Theme… White & Love by the Beach

• Seafood: prawns, cooked, large, unpeeled (can substitute with tempeh / tofu)

 parsley, flat leaf (1 bunch)

1 small bulb garlic - fresh if you do not have a supply of fermented

 rocket leaves, (250 g) wild preferably, but normal OK if wild not available

olive oil, best quality (100ml)

parmesan block

spaghetti (rustic fermented pasta recipe will be supplied in your very own recipe book - purchase best quality - fresh or gluten free if required - no 3 )

kimchi brine / dried chilli flakes ( if you do not have any kimchi)

 salted lemon / fresh if you do not have any kitchen wow salted lemon (yet)


Shop in advance (except for the prawns) they should be as fresh as possible

Table setting - colour theme is white by the sea - fresh is what we are thinking. 

 Stick to a nice white tablecloth or bare table with flowers from the garden or try our salted lemon centre piece - fill a vase with salted lemon / fresh, lime leaves and top with soda water. (after dinner strain and put in a spray bottle for the best household cleaner) 

 A white plate is nice for the spaghetti and white bowl for the rocket. 

 White linen serviettes.

If you would like to add a sourdough ciabatta - a nice authentic board. 

 50 ml aged olive oil and 25 ml balsamic vinegar. Don't mix the vinegar and oil until just before serving. Use the cap of the balsamic to carefully add the vinegar to oil in a small white bowl.

Organise what you are going to wear - white and fresh with a touch of ocean if you desire. 

Think of music you would like to play - ocean sounds or Andrea Bocelli, maybe??. 

 Give the house a quick once-over.


Buy the prawns, and peel, de-vein and cut them. Save 2 whole nice looking ones for garnish - Then cut each one in half through the back of the prawn to keep the natural prawn shape.

Grate and shave the block of parmesan.

ON THE DAY (Friday Feb 18/02/2022)

Blitz salted lemon / squeeze fresh lemon if using.

Prepare garlic if using fresh / smash fermented with mortar and pestle

Wash and spin the rocket. Store in fridge covered with a damp tea towel

Pre-cook spaghetti, refresh under cold water, drain and then loosen with some oil. Cover and keep in the fridge.

If you are having bread and slicing (you can leave whole) Slice half-an-hour before serving time. Make sure to cover with a damp cloth to avoid drying out. Place the oil in the dish for the bread platter. Add the balsamic just before serving.

Get ready in peace and then pour yourself a glass of fave beverage and I look forward to dining with you tonight. 

Gut Club Implementation Weekend

SATURDAY Feb 19/02/2022 will be STARTER Day - no need to have the ingredients

SUNDAY Feb 20/02/2022 we will be adding SWEETNESS to the "sauer"

All recipes will be supplied in a download very special eBook for YOU. All sessions will be recorded so you can watch anytime. 

Our March theme will be the very exciting FERMENTED BEVERAGES - we will make a ginger bug prior to the weekend - I will give you plenty of notice with this one.

Cultured Walkabout … Beverages

Join us as we go back in time …

Beverages are some of the earliest types of fermented foods produced by humans.

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