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I hope everyone had a lovely first weekend in September! While fall doesn’t officially start for some time, somehow it seems as though this is the official farewell to summer and welcome to pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, and crisp, cool air.

I have appreciated the many lovely reviews on Roderick and Gwen’s story. Today is your LAST CHANCE to buy at 99 cents, before it goes up to $2.99. This was the first time I released a book wide (with other retailers besides Amazon); however, I am considering entering it back into Kindle Unlimited -- making it exclusive to Amazon.

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If you’re ready to curl up and read something new, check out a few of the books below.

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Recommended Reads


A Bit Steamy


Drenched with a Duke

By Emily Murdoch

A woman fished out of the ocean, and a man looking to ruin his reputation - and neither is expecting to find answers with each other…

Alexander, the Duke of Caershire, wasn't expecting to drag a half-drowned woman from the Thames, but there seems little to do but help the bedraggled woman home.

Teresa Metcalfe, courtesan to the rich and famous, knows a fool when she sees one, but her instincts to rob him melt away as she discovers just why he was walking the docks that night.

As the night continues and time forces honesty from their lips, will Alexander relinquish the reputation that he has worked so hard to maintain? Will being drenched with a duke give Teresa a man not just for a night, but for a lifetime?

This is the second in a series of eight Ravishing Regencies.

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His Steel City Promise

By Emilee Harris

Life has judged them harshly; will they do the same to each other or find a way to break the cycle?

An unwanted son…
Finding out he’s been lied to his entire life by the people he loves is bad enough, but when William Stanford gets caught up in a train robbery that leads him to the home of a beautiful young mother, he’s faced with a whole different set of issues.

A disgraced woman…
Mila Santiago has waited months for the return of her baby’s father. When a handsome stranger brings news of his death, she’s almost relieved. That is until the man her fiancé double-crossed shows up looking for his due, putting her and her child in danger.

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Sweet and Wholesome


The Reluctant Debutante

By Jean Jacobsen

Tragedy. Sacrifice. Love.

New York City, 1830. Clarissa Tanner is carefree and joyous until the sudden death of her parents. Forced to pay off family debts, she's given one choice: auction off her beloved horses or reluctantly enter 1830s New York Society to face the dreaded marriage market.

Nicholas is a man on a mission. He is hunting for his missing brother who got mixed up with the wrong crowd at the wrong time. To pay his way, Nicholas takes a position as a dance instructor, providing refresher lessons to the beautiful but distracted Clarissa.

As Clarissa trains her thoroughbreds and Nicholas continues his search, the two find a connection through grief and movement. With the season looming, Clarissa wonders if she could possibly lose her parents and the man of her dreams in rapid succession.

The Reluctant Debutante is an American historical romance set in New York's Hudson River Valley in the 1830s. If you like strong female characters, 19th century historicals, and sizzling chemistry, then you'll love Jean Jacobsen's stunning debut novel.

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Audrey's Books



Love for All Times Series

Read as a Box Set

The McDougalls Series


Sweet & Wholesome

The McDougall Family

Prairie Lily Press

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